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How ‘LuLaRich’ exposes the biggest scam.

One year after production started. LuLaRichThe documentary premiered last month on Amazon Prime Video to over 200 million Prime members in more than 200 countries and territories. As a woman, I have the honor to tell stories about brave women like Venda Broder, Sabrina Fulton and Anne Snyder. Those stories reached millions of people and exposed not only the women but also the systems that surrounded them. I LuLaRich, That’s the way it was – but as a white millennial woman in America, I was one of the characters this time around, and it was hard for me to cope.

LuLaRoe is a company known for selling colorless leggings in basic colors and loud that has been around since the 90’s. Protected by Bell Graphics, hamburgers that fall straight into your crotch. They are known in our economic playbook. Multi-level marketing company. Many people have written that such companies are similar to pyramid schemes. Some statistics show that most people who participate in MLM break down or lose money. In the case of LuLaRoe, the company claims to be a “wholesaler” that boosts your self-confidence and makes you happy to own it. But many women said that when it was time for the game, their chair leader was no show. LuLaRoe I also felt like “Disney World Dead”.

LuLaRich The history of the rise and fall of this broken roller coaster ride. We gave the infamous founders, DN and Mark Stadium, a chance to tell their story. The “Power Couple” hit me as a wedding between Willie Lumen. Death of a salesman. And Nicole Kidman inside To die for. DN and his “down line” talked about LuLaRoe’s “battery soft” leggings, which, for a time, were allegedly made in the United States. And the company was considering a patriarchal by-product that touched the hearts of women across the country like butter. LuLaRoe embraced women’s emotional division and empowerment in many ways, just as leggings enveloped every part of the body. They even had a special one for two: you can be your own boss and. Be the girl boss too!

Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video

There were countless opportunities for humor in telling this weird story about leggings. Light tones and dark comedy are fun to watch in this series. But here’s the part of the story that’s not so much fun and a little darker: Despite the joys of raising children, some women say that loneliness feels like a form of violence. LuLaRoe took advantage of this patriarchal reality and offered to “free” these women from the depths of their loneliness so that they could have a community, a sense of belonging and the opportunity to be #boss babes. This cheap pop feminism was claimed by mothers Lola Ro to empower and was a strategic way to lighten their gas.

I personally think that when a woman becomes a mother, it is the hardest thing a person can do. Many women don’t even have to make that choice – it’s made for them. And on the job, they tolerate misconceptions like “she just looks great to have a baby”. In the face of this social embarrassment, many women are doing this useless job alone, with men and children. Let’s look at caring for a job or a hobby. Therefore, it is not surprising that many women are fighting for the option of not signing up for it and questioning the whole pattern.

In our society, women are ready to be products from the day we are born. One of these products is “Mom”. Some moms found the connection and community to be “mom bloggers” or “mom influencers,” and the addition of social media to Lola Ro’s new brand of empowerment made it a whirlwind. LuLaRoe’s marketing model targeted mothers living at home, but it also needed the frustration of a struggling middle class facing economic hardship and uncertainty. The company highlighted the weakness and paved the way for money laundering, just as Reagan set up Trackdown Economics. I once heard “Anything that falls down is probably not a good thing.” So, when LuLaRoe’s pitch went off, and some of these homeless mothers realized that they might be involved in a pyramid scheme, they were in debt and embarrassed to talk. As far as LuLaRoe is concerned, his failure was his fault. However, “a woman can have it all.” You There must be a problem.

This cheap pop feminism was claimed by mothers Lola Ro to empower and was a strategic way to lighten their gas.

The saying “a woman can have it all” is like a dog’s whistle for a woman standing in her leggings, fixing her fat body while a man’s sight provokes her hidden toil at home. Is. In this ancient system, I found myself at the height of happiness at the cost of purchase. As a woman, this story was personal to me. Even with my privileged, white, controversial life experience, my own self-deprecation, entanglement and this societal blame focused on making the series for me.

I also knew from my previous film. Fraud. That America likes stories about fraudsters. We can like these stories because we see ourselves in them. Fraud is perpetuated in our culture because of the way we define the pioneer and individual in our mirage story. Fraudsters look like rogue actors, and they go “rebellious” against the system. While in many cases, the deceiver relies solely on ego-based compulsion and gives them never-ending confirmation. These stories only appeal to us when we have the good fortune to change channels. It’s not so much fun when you’re going through it.

I’m so glad Daryl Trujillo has become a rising star, and like many of us, I’m disappointed that he can’t hear Kelly Clarkson anymore! LuLaRich Has it gone viral for so many precious moments and beloved characters – or maybe it’s about something else? Maybe it’s more than just a quick look at the wreckage of a multi-level train, or DNA’s extra pleasure doing anything on camera, including collecting its Starbucks punk drink. Probably LuLaRich There is a worldwide outcry for the portrayal of one of his biggest scams: the patriarchal scam.

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