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How Marvel and Star Wars are taking advantage of Disney + Anthology.

Marvel Star Wars Disney + Anthology
The anthology format is enabling large franchises to stay on top. Disney +

The technology with which Hollywood distributes its advanced programming and the ways in which we, the hungry audience, use it cannot be cyclical. VHS will not return, to the disappointment of the blockbuster. But the storytelling strategies and approaches that creators use enjoy the natural flow and flow of trends and feeds. Large budgets were limited and the miniseries replaced television in the 1970s and ’80s, just to be out of fashion. But over the last decade, as theater operations have shrunk and streaming has exploded, we find ourselves in one. The new golden age of the mini-series.

As part of this cultural renaissance, Anthologies – the most famous. Twilight Zone 1960s – Re-emerges. Black mirror Debuting in 2011, he recreated his predecessor’s fanatical fanaticism. HBO’s True spy And FX Fargo Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. Returning with such enthusiasm, Anthology Format, which aims to make room for self-made stories, ironically offers a lifeline to keep intellectual property franchises fresh and in mind. Of

Anthology now allows name brand IP to expand using unconventional means. Specifically, we’ve just seen the delivery of Disney +. what if…? And Star Wars: Visions, But these are far from the first anthologies of the last few years. Netflix helped. Black mirror Reach a large audience and promote David Fincher and Tim Miller. Love, death and robots., As well as the Coen Brothers’ The Bald of Buster Scripps. Up to a high level of popularity.

As viewers are being taken away from the traditional season, which includes time blocks of 30 and 60 minutes, yet they are affected by the gravity of their sofas, the streaming industry has a lot of flexibility in how they handle content. Provides. Anthology offers many unique upsides as the streaming industry of consumers directly from Brennan is still on its way.

Review of Star Wars Visions

New formats.

Audiences vote from their wallets, and the consensus is that new ideas and unfamiliar experiences are bad. Audiences come for the safety and comfort of those who know. Yet one way to avoid this fact is to slap a brand name on something new, which provides an intersection between recognition and search.

Jason Chirobini, co-founder and CFO of Dawn’s Light Media, a film and media production company that produces feature films primarily in the action and thriller genres, said, “It’s a different story using the current IP. Provides an easy access point for listening sources. ” . “I’ve seen a lot of people say that. Star Wars: Visions This is their first show for anime.

The great advantage of Star Wars: Visions Had a sense of Turn something old into something new.. An animated episodic anthology with seven Japanese animation studios in which nine episodes have been created, Disney and Lucas provide an environment to experience the film with new visual and storytelling. The best elements can then be translated, which is very important for large production studios to move forward. Marvel’s dynamic. what ifدیا Gave a similar experience, primed the audience on the rules and regulations of Multiverse before the concept was eliminated in blockbuster fashion in December. Spider-Man: No way home..

Both anthologies serve as the developmental basis for franchises. (We have also argued. security guard. And Game of Thrones Fiction!)

Season 2 is amazing.

New characters and new brands

Finally, after dominating the big screen with countless versions of Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, and Hulk, the big studios are digging deeper into their rasters to introduce new characters. Anthology is a powerful way to bring out lesser-known names from these scattered imaginary universes.

“It allows large IP holders to use their lesser-known, smaller IPs,” Crobini said. “I wonder if DC would bring them back. Justice League: Unlimited. Typing storytelling and going through the individual stories of your little heroes (like Questions and Booster Gold) can be a great way to maximize that value.

Uber producer Greg Berlenti is trying to get one. Booster Gold movie. Far from the earth for years, yet nothing came of it. But other beloved DC characters not known as Batman and Superman, such as Static, Justice League Dark, and Constantine, are all pursuing their own plans in the years to come. While not an anthology, their development underscores the need to take advantage of all the elements of a larger IP to keep franchises as fresh as possible. Why hasn’t HBO Max green-lit an anthology series about Orz in Harry Potter’s Wizarding World yet?

General Z has already been drawn to YouTube and TickTock short form video content. An episodic anthology caters to the ever-changing scroll of this key population.

The legacy of Netflix Jupiter.

Low risk, high up.

Hollywood is still the number one game for all the creativity needed to fuel the entertainment engine. The resources needed to fund a hit franchise are enormous and few people in the industry can afford to spend large sums on a flop.

“It’s a way to try different IPs without spending a lot of money,” Chirobini said. “I wonder what Netflix has spent. Jupiter’s legacy., They could adapt a bunch of different stories within an anthology framework (imagine the old ‘Dark Horse Presents’ comic book as an anthology of shorts) and then the green light features the story and story based on Teaching methods are the most popular.

Netflix Jupiter’s legacy. There was one ڈالر 200 million failure. Introducing it into an anthology framework may not have avoided this fate, but it could have better guide MillerWorld’s IP strategic strategy, which Netflix acquired in 2017 for 100 million.

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