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New research shows that passenger satisfaction at O’Hare International Airport and Midway Airport drops as they return to Chicago.

According to the North America 2022 JD Power Airport Satisfaction Survey published today, both Chicago airports are below average in customer satisfaction among airports of a similar size. Among the largest airports in the country, only Newark’s Newark Liberty Airport is ranked below O’Hare.

Moving to the penultimate place marked an improvement for O’Hare compared to the 2021 survey, which placed it at the bottom of the country’s megalithic airfields.

According to JD Power, the decline in performance at two Chicago airports reflects a nationwide trend. The survey found that satisfaction with airports across the country declined as travelers faced crowded terminals, fewer flight options, rising prices, and labor shortages at airports and airlines.

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According to authorities, at least eight people were injured when the four-story building collapsed in part in an explosion in the West Side on Tuesday morning.

The morning rush hour explosion destroyed almost every window in the building and covered the street with bricks and dust, destroying at least a few parked cars. At least 10 ambulances with six transports were sent to the scene. The total number of injuries was not immediately obvious, but eight people ended up in hospitals, according to fire officials. See photos from the rescue operation here.


Recreational mar*juana consumption became legal in January 2020, and as concerts and festivals have reverted to pre-pandemic activities, more and more brands are looking to exploit the link between mar*juana and music.

Cannabis consumption is currently prohibited in public places in Illinois, although the local Cannabis Licensing Act proposed last year at the Illinois General Assembly may allow counties and municipalities to issue special licenses for events.


Next Gen Foods is a plant-based food technology startup founded in Singapore in 2020 with bold American ambitions. The company announced today that it has selected Chicago as its US headquarters, becoming the newest participant in the burgeoning alternative protein industry.

For now, Next Gen Foods is producing one alternative meat product, plant-based chicken, which it calls Tindle, after John Tyndall, a 19th-century Irish physicist who proved the relationship between atmospheric carbon dioxide and the greenhouse effect. Alt-Chicken is on the menu of about 1,000 restaurants around the world, 15 of which are located in the Chicago area.

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After the Chicago Bears only tossed the ball 11 times in a 27-10 defeat to the Green Bay Packers in Week 2, readers want to know if coaches doubt playmaker Justin Fields’ passing skills – as well as questions about Rookie Kyler Gordon and whether the Week 3 against the Houston Texans is “must-win”.

Brad Biggs answers these and other questions in his weekly mailbag.


Fresh Emmy Wins for show creator Quinty Brunson and star Sheryl Lee Ralph. Season 2 of ‘Abbott Elementary’ returns as confident as ever – edgy and incredibly fun, but with an underlying warmth that makes sense in a world that is getting colder and colder. the idea that we should take care of ourselves, ”writes Nina Metz.

“The show manages to be steadfast, but also hilariously self-depreciates the human condition,” says Metz. “It’s quite a balancing act for Brunson and her team of writers.”


The biggest questions will be resolved on their own when the Chicago Blackhawks training camp begins today.

CEO Kyle Davidson and Coach Luke Richardson will kick off the day by answering questions about the big picture and small details – and the elephant in the room: What will happen to Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews?

But that’s a case for another day, writes Phil Thompson. When Davidson hits the reset button on the HR team, it is just as urgent to see how potential customers are handling professional competition during training, matches and preseason games.

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