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How SF Giants will compete with Dodgers Walker Boehler in NLDS Game 4.

LOS ANGELES – Dave Roberts had no choice after the Giants forced the Dodgers to a 1-0 victory in Game 3 of the NLDS in Los Angeles on Monday.

The Dodgers manager wanted to save right-hander Walker Boehler for a potential Game 5 in San Francisco on Thursday, but for all the winning matchups, Roberts is asking Boehler to take a short break for the first time. Major league career

“Once he came today and felt good, it was unthinkable,” Roberts said. “How long he can go will determine how he throws the baseball and how he feels.”

The All-Star right-hander lost to the Giants S. Logan Webb in Game 1 of the NLDS, but he excelled against San Francisco this year as the first-round draft pick posted a 2.49 ERA in seven starts. What was Made in Oracle Park on Friday.

However, the Giants have won four of the seven games Boehler has won this year, beating the former vendor Bulletstar on September 5 for six runs before winning back on May 28 and July 22. Tagged and three more NLDS in Game 1.

The Giants will face Buehler in a similar line-up as they did in Game 1 of the series when Buster Posey and Chris Bryant each left home. One of the minor changes for San Francisco is that Darren Rove will play the first base after the start of Wilmer Flores, positioned in Game 1 of the series.

Steven Dogar, who returned home from Boehler and tripled this year, did not start Game 1 of the series and will not start Game 4 after playing his best defense at Centerfield in the Giants Game 3 shutout win.

SF Giants Game 4 lineup.

  1. Tommy La Stella – 2b
  2. Darren Roof – 1b.
  3. Brendan Crawford – SS
  4. Buster Posey – C.
  5. Chris Bryant – RF
  6. La Montewed Jr. – L.F.
  7. Avon Langoria – 3b.
  8. Mike Esther Zemsky – CF.
  9. Anthony Deslafani – RHP

Roberts had hinted Monday that Vacaville native and St. Mary’s product Tony Gonsolin could start or play a role in Game 4, but with the Dodgers’ backs against the wall, Bohler will pitch at a three-day rest. Los Angeles will turn left. Julio Urias if it could force Game 5 on Thursday.

Bohler will face the Giants’ right-hand man Anthony Deslafani, who was announced by manager Gabe Kepler as the team’s Game 4 starter. The number of Disclafani against the Dodgers is alarming this year as the veteran starter posted a 7.33 ERA in 6 starts, but he was brilliant in his final out of the season against Los Angeles as Disclafani gave the Giants two sixes. Helped to win by out innings. Hit the ball on September 3 in Oracle Park.

Giants Game 2 starter, Kevin Gossman, will likely be available out of Belpin on Tuesday, but Kepler is expected to save the web for a possible Game 5. Right-handers Tyler Rogers and Camilo Doval threw more than 20 pitches in Game 3.

Rogers matched his season high with 29 pitches in 2 2/3 innings while Dowell needed 22 pitches to save six outs.

If the Dodgers force Game 5, Roberts said left Julio Urias will start at Oracle Park on Thursday.

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