How to Apply for a Child Employment License in Brighton & Hove?

To employ a schoolboy, you must have a license—and here’s how to apply for one.

Children must be at least 13 years old to work part-time, unless they are involved in television, film, Theater or modeling.

Under these circumstances, employers must apply for a child employment license if they wish to employ a child of school age (between 13-16).

In Brighton and HoveChild employment licenses are free of charge and must be applied to the council before the child can start work.

Anyone employing a child without a license is liable to a fine of up to £1,000 Brighton and Hove city council.

A young person is considered employed by the council when they assist with someone Business That which is done for profit, whether paid or not.

Things a 13-year-old might do include:

• Distributing newsletters and leaflets

• Working in a store, which involves stacking shelves

• working in an office

• Hairdressing

• Working in a cafe or restaurant, but not in the kitchen

• Working in hotels and other places where accommodation is available

• car washing

By law, children are not allowed to do certain types of tasks, including:

• Working in a cinema, theater or nightclub

• Selling or distributing alcohol with anything used in construction or hazardous, and with heavy machinery

• Working in a commercial kitchen

• Assisting at the fairground, amusement park or arcade

• Working in a bingo hall or any other location for licensed games

• working in residential care

A spokesman for the council said: “A part-time job can be a great way for a young person to experience the experience involved in working in a particular field and decide whether it is for them.

“It is also a chance to meet new people and build confidence which can help in securing employment when you drop out of school.

“However, it is really important that this is done properly. The welfare and safety of a child is paramount and there should be proper support when these opportunities are provided.

“Obtaining a child employment license is a quick, easy and free process and it is essential that employers are offering these roles to them.

“Our licensing team is here to ensure that employers act responsibly and that the rights of youth are protected.”

To apply for a child employment license, visit the Schools and Teaching section of the council’s website.

A form must be filled out and returned to or by mail to the Child Employment Officer. Education Team, 1st Floor, Hove Town Hall, Norton Road, Hove BN3 3BQ.

To find out more about child employment and children’s working hours, visit

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