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How to find happiness in this crazy world, according to Dr. Nita Bhushan – Mercury News.

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With the current state of the world, full of sadness, torment and uncertainty, finding happiness and fulfillment has become necessary to give meaning to life. The epidemic has certainly disrupted human life, but the world still has to become a soldier. Perfection and happiness have become peace in order to adopt the solid mental strength necessary to move forward and move forward in life.

However, the big question remains: how can you find fulfillment and happiness in the midst of all uncertainty? Dr. Nita Bhushan, An experienced lawyer for emotional and mental health, seems to have broken the formula for being happy in these stressful times. Nita Dharma is a co-founder of the Coaching Institute, which focuses on mental health for its students and business people. Through the Institute, نیتا۔ Has helped different people work on their mental health, guided them to live happier lives.

Like any other person, he has been hit hard by the Cove 19 epidemic, making difficult decisions about caring for children with his young child, visiting work and helping clients and students. Balance with living at home. Nevertheless, she has managed to rely on many of the tools she has written in her best-selling international book, Emotional Grit. Which has given him the mental strength to go through the post-epidemic crisis. The key to overcoming difficult times is to maintain a positive mindset. She also confirms her openness of heart to experience happiness and fulfillment in spite of difficult moments. Therefore, he has decided to tell himself a simple way with the rest of the world through which you can achieve fulfillment and happiness with the current state of the world.

One important thing she offers is to be thankful for small accomplishments. According to him, the current global environment for business and life may not be so promising in general, so every small achievement needs to be appreciated. “It’s not always what you want, but being happy is a milestone,” says Nita.

Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing. The two complement each other, and Nita finds them the best combination for happiness in life. According to him, you need to focus on what you have and what is good about it. She also suggests that you think positively about any challenge that comes your way. نیتا۔ Surely this will help you to create a journal of happiness and gratitude. Basically, Nita argued that happiness and fulfillment should not come with great success.

نیتا۔ It also suggests learning to let go of all the negatives that come your way. She explains that forgiving everyone who has hurt you and any other incident that eats away at your peace. According to him, the goal is to clear the way for the positive and the negative with happiness. Nita has also warned against trying to become a perfectionist in such circumstances. Instead, she suggests acknowledging that sometimes things may not go as planned, or as a result of what you envisioned – so you need to beat yourself up if something seems impossible. do not have. However, there is no reason to underestimate your efforts to succeed, but to keep working while saving margins for mistakes.

More importantly, نیتا۔The advice is to acknowledge that it will pass, but you can still find magic in moments of chaos and filth. So, don’t resort to everything as a life or death situation, just make it easy and stay in the moment. Nita insists on taking care of herself, and has some irrational sympathy for the season of life you are in. If you need to, get some high quality sleep and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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