Purpose 2 is full of various collectibles and resources to collect, and it seems that with each new update there is even more to find. Map Fragments are some of the newest assets added to the game since Purpose 2 Season 18 and you’ll want to get some if you want to create treasure maps along with treasure coordinates.

These new items will help you unlock all the fun pirate gear so you can do what’s really important: getting the best gear possible. Map snippets will help you get there, and collecting them is fairly easy, especially if you follow the new content steps from Season 18 onwards.

How to get map fragments in Purpose 2

The first place where you can start looting map fragments, in Purpose 2 is a new Ketchcrash activity. In this new 6-player PvE activity, players att*ck an enemy Ketch, go aboard, complete multi-part objectives, and then defeat the captain before completing the activity. You get 10 Map Fragments after each run, which isn’t a bad set of loot for not having the hard work you have to do to get them.

This means that in order to farm the map pieces all you really need to do is load up a few willing players and start playing some Ketchcrash. When you know the basics better and know how to play downhill, you may want to tweak the difficulty a bit and play at the master level. You can get extra map fragments for your troubles.

Once you have a lot of map fragments, you will be able to start looking for the treasure coordinates you need to create the treasure maps along with the map fragments. When you combine map pieces and treasure coordinates, you can use them to create a treasure map for extra loot to use in expedition missions.

Destiny 2 Map Fragments are an important resource that you can collect in-game from Season 8 onwards. You’ll need them if you want to create treasure maps.

Until then, you’ll want to have as much loot as possible Destiny 2: Light debuts. The upcoming expansion will arrive in Destiny 2 on February 28, 2023, when it will bring many new activities to complete and defeat enemies such as Tormentors and Cloud Striders.

Players take on the vile Shadow Legion in the city of Neomuna, a place unlike any other Bungie debuted in the past. Apart from these things, however, the developer has not shared so many details about what else we can expect from the expansion of the add-on.

That’s why it’s a good idea now to stock up on useful resources and gadgets that you can use in battle to get to the top, for example with map fragments at your disposal during the Purpose 2 Season 18.

Purpose 2 is currently available on Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, PC (via Epic Games Store), and Stadia.

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