CHICAGO (CBS) – Like hundreds migrants come to the Chicago area, several organizations we figured out the ways for people who will help them with everything from clothes to coloring books.

There are many ways to donate clothes, gift cards, and toiletries. People can also volunteer in organizations helping recently arrived migrants. Below is a list of donation sites. Visit the organization’s websites and call ahead to confirm business hours and, if possible, double-check what donations are still needed:

*The city of Chicago has a website with the list of councilor offices accepting donations. click here for the list of accepted donations. click here for a volunteering form.

* Clerk’s Chicago office joins the Chicago Latino Caucus listing what is needed and where to donate.

*Illinois State Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) helps with resettlement and works with other nonprofits in the Chicago area. The organization asks people to check it Facebook page to get the latest updated information.

*Casa Michoacán looking for people who will devote their time to helping newly arrived migrants. Anyone who can help can call 414-678-1591 or 312-491-9317. Facebook page of the organization it is also updated with the most up-to-date information on volunteers.

*Interfaith Community of Detained Immigrants has several options for people looking to donate items, money or time. His Twitter site has a thread with links to help, incl Amazon Wish List.

*Small Village Commune Council collects clothing and shoes for migrants. Visit the organization’s website or Facebook page for hours and specific types of donations. Call 773-522-2552 for more information.

*El Rincon Family Services accepts donations, especially gift cards and toiletries. Hours of operation are 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM and are located at 3942 W. North Avenue. Check out the El Rincon Facebook page for more information.

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World Relief Chicagoland accepts a donation of new and delicately used clothing, including coats and other winter items. Gift cards for grocery stores are also accepted. click here to find out where people can donate.

*Resurrection Project has a site where people can donate money.

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