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How Triple Jobed Israel is exposing America’s cowardly booster shot mistakes.

Millions of Israelis rushed to pharmacies and clinics for their third dose. Covid vaccine In July, the country’s health regulators allowed the boosters to return, and the clear result – four months later – is striking.

For the approximately 44 million Israelis who have received. IncreasedThat’s two-thirds of the adult population.Covid’s case seems to have subsided. The third dose of Pfizer’s Messenger RNA vaccine reduced the infection tenfold. Print a new study Which was published online on October 7. The study has not yet been peer-reviewed.

Experts told the Daily Beast that the Israeli booster push is a potential success story, and a model for countries that can access adequate supply of vaccines for a wide population booster rollout. The Israeli experience Can also put in comfort. US officials’ own reluctance. When it comes to boosters.

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