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Huntington Beach will reopen on Monday.

City and state beaches in Huntington Beach will reopen Monday at 6 p.m., the city and California State Parks announced in a statement.

The joint decision to reopen came after the results of coastal and wetland water quality tests showed an undisclosed amount of oil-related toxicity in our seawater.

Santa Ana was the sea and beach between River Jetty and Sunset Beach. Closed since last Sunday, When efforts began to limit the effects of the oil spill.

The statement said the cleanup effort was being carried out by the US Coast Guard, but “as an additional precautionary measure,” Huntington Beach hired an independent contractor to test the waters of the sea and wetlands. کیں۔

Forty different sites were inspected, and at 39 locations, the contractor found no polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and total petroleum hydrocarbons, which could indicate the presence of oil.

The water from a location just north of Warner Avenue contained a significant amount of the substance, but the surface was determined to be non-toxic, officials said.

Testing will continue twice a week for at least the next two weeks, with a water test report and all subsequent tests available. City oil spill web page..

“The health and safety of our residents and visitors is of paramount importance. We at Huntington Beach recognize the importance of our coastal tourism, our economy and our overall livelihood.” The decision should be based on statistics and we should continue to improve water quality. ”

As the beaches reopen, authorities continue to urge visitors to exercise caution.

Beach travelers are advised to avoid areas that smell of oil. In addition, we expect oily materials and tar balls to be washed on the beach, and individuals are advised not to handle or eat any oily materials.

Oil or tar balls can be reported at [email protected]

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