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Hurricane Antelope Valley signaled the closure of 14 freeways.

A dust storm blew up in North Los Angeles County on Monday morning, creating dangerous driving conditions and forcing authorities to issue a seal alert for part of the 14 freeway.

According to the National Weather Service, dust was blowing in most parts of the Deer Valley in the morning.

Due to low visibility due to dusty conditions, California Highway Patrol. Officials have closed both sides of the 14th freeway from Avenue I to Avenue A.

As the Meteorological Service explained, “Visibility can quickly drop below a mile, creating dangerous driving conditions. Slow down and use headlights.”

It is not clear when the seal alert will be raised and the lanes will reopen.

In addition to Antelope Valley, dust was also visible in the Victorville area east of the area, according to a webcam image released by NWS.

Forecasters expect strong winds to continue through Monday night, with gusts of up to 70 mph in the mountains and deer valley.

According to the NWS, the humidity is expected to sink to close to one digit, and simultaneously, dry and windy conditions will potentially create seasonal fire conditions.

The growing threat of wildfires has alerted Southern California Edison to potential power outages for thousands of consumers, which will be done to reduce the risk.

In addition to possible power outages, the wind could knock down trees and branches, the weather service said.

The weak Santa Ana winds and dry weather will continue with cool temperatures until Tuesday. prediction.


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