Hurricane Fiona continues north through the Caribbean, leaving behind power cuts and flooding.

The storm was changed to a Category 4 hurricane on Wednesday with winds of up to 130mph as it is located approximately 700 miles southwest of Bermuda, according to an 8am update from the National Hurricane Center. By the end of Thursday, Fiona is expected to arrive in Bermuda, which is currently being watched by a hurricane.

Fiona may gain further, forecasters said Wednesday.

The storm landed in Puerto Rico on Sunday, darkening the entire island as it is still trying to rebuild from devastating Hurricane Maria. According to the data, over a million customers remain without electricity on Wednesday Much of the area has also lost running water.

After the destruction of Puerto Rico, Fiona continued north, landing in the Dominican Republic and then turning to the Turks and Caicos Islands.

At least four people have died so far. They include two people from the Dominican Republic, including 18-year-old Aurielys Esther Jimenez, who was hit by a falling power pole, and a man who was overturned by a tree knocked over by strong winds, and two people in Puerto Rico, including Gilberto Ayala Aponte, 58, 58. who dr*wned in a flooded river, and 70-year-old José Cruz Román, who died in a fire that accidentally sparked while trying to fill the generator.

The US State Department on Tuesday called on visitors to “reconsider travel” to Bermuda this week and announced the voluntary departure of all family members of government officials stationed there.


FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell landed in Puerto Rico on Tuesday to “assess the damage … and determine the additional resources needed to support the island’s reconstruction.”

“Our partnership with the Puerto Rican government has never been stronger and we remain committed to helping them respond to and return to Hurricane Fiona,” she said in a statement. “We’re sending hundreds of additional employees over the next few days to deploy staff in each of the affected communities to complement our already massive reach.”

Governor Hochul also announced plans to send 100 state troops to Puerto Rico to assist in the reconstruction efforts.

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