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Hurricanes swept through Southern California, knocking down trees and cutting off thousands of people.

Southland clears after strong winds Tuesday night that left thousands without power.

According to a LADWP spokesman, the power outage affected more than 30,000 Los Angeles Department of Water and Power consumers when the winds became worst.

As of 4 a.m. Tuesday, 22,900 consumers had been restored, with another 10,200 still without power, the spokesman said.

The winds left a small loss behind.

At least four vehicles were struck by fallen trees near the W59 intersection.Th Location in the Harvard Park neighborhood of South Los Angeles and Danker Avenue.

The cleanup began overnight and continued Tuesday morning when authorities closed the area to the public. It was not immediately clear if anyone was injured.

In Van Neves, a tree fell on an SUV as a woman and her two sons were traveling on Aaron Street on Monday.

Lorena Lopez said she was scratching but no one was seriously injured. “I was happy, obviously nothing happened to them,” Lopez said.

Although the winds had cleared by Tuesday morning, winds remained strong until 10 a.m. for parts of the Los Angeles and Ventura County mountains. National Weather Service.

Southern California Edison. He said he was considering shutting down power to about 10,000 consumers in Los Angeles, Ventura and Karen counties on Tuesday so that none of his electrical appliances could be exposed to wildfires amid dangerous weather conditions. Help prevent flare-ups.

A tree is seen falling on a truck the night before in the Harvard Park neighborhood on October 12, 2021. Record (KTLA)

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