Husband who lost his wife’s GPS signal during channel crossing fears the most


The husband has said of his fear that his wife was among the 27 who died while trying to cross english Channel.

the man said Daily Telegraph that he was following his wife Mariam Nouri’s movements during her boat trip, when her GPS signal suddenly cut off.

He said, ‘I am in very bad shape.

The paper reported that the man was a . Is Kurdish Immigrants living in the UK who did not wish to be named but were known as Baran and were from Ranya in northern Iraq.

The Iraqi-Kurdish Mrs. Nouri was trying to join them in Britain.

She said in tears: “She’s not in the UK, which means she’s gone. It’s very sad for me and everyone.

“I was in constant touch with my wife and I was tracking her live GPS.

“From the moment she got into that boat, 4 hours 18 minutes after, I think they were in the middle of the ocean, then I lost her”.

More than 25,700 people have made the dangerous trip to Britain in small boats this year (Gareth Fuller/PA) , PA Wire

He said he had spoken to his wife on the phone before the signal disappeared, and she had told him that her dinghy was crowded with about 30 people.

They included other Kurdish women, one of whom was a nine-year-old girl and an Afghan national.

when he heard a ship capsized at sea France The man called the traffickers who had organized the crossing but told him that they could not reach anyone aboard.

Wednesday’s tragedy killed 17 men, seven women – including a pregnant woman – and three children, according to officials.

a joint search and rescue operation by French And British officials, launched after a fishing boat spotted people at sea, were shut down late on Wednesday.

French authorities have arrested five suspected smugglers in connection with the incident.


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