ABBA’S WAY: I recently married “Joel”, a man I love very much. While we have differences, we are solid in knowing that we love each other and are in this marriage for the long haul.

Our wedding photos had just arrived and after I had reviewed them together, I asked my husband to create a digital album that I would share with my family and friends as I am very busy at work.

I only had a moment to go through the album he had created and saw that he had missed a photo of my best friend “Logan” and me hugging as Joel and I left the front desk. It was a very special moment for me as I grew up with Logan and consider his family an extension of mine. When I explained this to my husband, he said he understood.

It hurts me so much that this photo has been missed. Joel has said in the past that he doesn’t feel comfortable hugging non-family men. It was a moot point between us and after a few long discussions about it, I thought we had reached a solution.

Before the wedding, I found out that Joel still has pictures of his ex-girlfriends on his phone. When I confronted him he said he kept them as a souvenir but he would delete them which he did. Now that we are married, I have noticed that he mentions a lot of his previous dating life. I asked him to stop, but he does.

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