DEAR MISS MANA: Is there an appropriate way to approach people who consider medical waiting rooms as their personal office space?

As I sit here nervously waiting for my loved one undergoing treatment, trying to be quietly occupied, I have been forced to listen to other clients’ call to work – loudly led a few steps away from me.

My contemptuous gaze encouraged one of these interlocutors to at least mute his handsfree, but I am still an enslaved, reluctant audience for half of these (sometimes confidential sounding) conversations. Is there any polite way to discourage fellow waiters from doing such an annoying practice?

SOFT READER: Nobody is in the medical waiting room by choice, she resembles Miss manners, and the waiting is often long. No wonder people try to use this time – many of them to make up for unexpected absences from work.

Yes, they may need to be reminded that this is a shared space and they are not licensed to tease others. But please ignore contempt when you do this.

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