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I can’t talk about it.

Fox News star Tucker Carlson has. There is nothing wrong with harassing the Biden administration. He likened the overnight policy to cruelty in imposing vaccine requirements for large companies.

But when it comes to his own employer’s strict vaccination policy – which goes beyond Biden’s rules, requiring daily coverage tests without security personnel – Carlson’s attitude is that he “does it.” Not able to speak for the company. ”

Appearing this week. Vance and Jason save the nation. In the podcast (part of Carlson’s Daily Caller website), Prime Time Star faces Liberal commentator Jason Nichols on Carlson’s recent claim that Fox News does not have a vaccine mandate.

Last week, President Joe Biden stressed the need for employees of companies with at least 100 employees to either be vaccinated or submit to weekly COVID-19 testing. The president added that he “always gets out” of it. Then claimed by mistake “Fox News needs vaccinations for all its employees.” (While Fox is proud that more than 90% of its employees have been vaccinated, and requires daily tests for non-vaccines, it is not true that the company needs shots for all staff. Is.)

Carlson later mocked the president.Biden’s explanation of the Fox vaccine policy was to be called a “complete lie” and a “lie.” Criticizing Carlson, however, Nichols outlined the network’s original policy and put pressure on the Fox host.

“You said that Fox News has no vaccine orders, but. According to Newsweek, Nichols said the company requires unsafe employees to gather for daily quad testing, which is in line with Biden’s mandate, which calls for weekly inspections of businesses that employ more than 100 people. Give a job “Is Fox News denying President Biden the civil liberties of its employees?”

“I don’t know. I mean, you should probably ask. Newsweek“It simply came to our notice then.

Nicholas then asked him what? Newsweek The description of Fox’s policy was inaccurate, prompting the far-right host to retaliate: “This is absolutely wrong, as I noted the other night!” (While Biden misrepresented Fox’s policy, Newsweek And many other media outlets have accurately reported that Fox Corporation needs to provide its staff with vaccine or daily Covid 19 test results. According to Fox executive Kevin Lord’s extensive staff memo..)

“So what’s the policy?” Nicholas was surprised.

“I am not qualified to speak for this company because I do not run the company,” Carlson said. “I’m just an employee of the company. My personal preference is that Fox News would make a statement about their policies, but I think, like many companies, they’re reluctant to do that because, like, you Why would you want to join the conversation? ”

Carlson’s employer has been very clear about his policy. Once again, Fox Corporation Human Resources boss Kevin Lord laid down the rules. Memo to all Fox employees Last month.

As a mediaite. Noted on Thursday.Carlson is not the first Fox News star to brag regularly about the vaccine mandate when it comes to putting pressure only on network policy. During a podcast interview with a media-based website, Sean Hunty declined to answer repeated questions about whether he saw any conflict between criticizing the president and remaining silent on his employer’s requirements.

Many critics of Carlson, meanwhile, Conservative has called the host. For its electoral outrage over the vaccine mandate.

“Even if you don’t want people to think you’re a complete hoax, you should have the courage to call Fox News or resign in protest.” MSNBC host Chris Hayes. Mocked Carlson last week. “There is no other option. This is the only way forward. You can do it, Tucker. I trust you.”

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