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ATLANTIC CITY, NJ (CBS) — The Jersey Shore is one of the hot spots of this storm. Residents and tourists are being asked to be prepared for blizzard-like conditions. They could see anywhere from 12 to 18 inches of snow.

Jersey Shore is expecting a big hit from the coming storm. Road crews are preparing for an attack, and people are being urged to avoid driving in dangerous conditions.

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Welcome to Atlantic City. Even Mother Nature was invited.

Jersey Shore is ready for blizzard conditions. Snow and high winds will crush the coast overnight and on Saturday.

While the boardwalk was mostly deserted on Friday night, eyewitnesses first caught up with people before the news fell. Some were bundled and others not so much.

Many say they are waiting out the storm and enjoying the weekend.

“Maybe wait it out because we’re going to be home hopefully on Sunday,” said Bucks County resident Kenny Loreno.

“We are staying here till Sunday night. My car has four wheel drive for a reason,” said one woman.

Atlantic City officials are ramping up preparedness and prepared to deal with strong winds, power outages, potential coastal flooding and of course lots of snow.

While the crew will be working round the clock to clear the roads, others are making the best of it.

‘Throw the snowball,’ said a little boy.

“We are super excited. We brought clothes and we are going to make a snowman on the beach,” said one woman.

Earlier on Friday, everything was quiet on the boardwalk in Ocean City.

Eyewitness news found that people were engaging in some last-minute exercises along the Ocean City boardwalk on Friday afternoon before trading in their sneakers for snow boots.

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Linda Graham said, “So I’m out here for a walk today, if I can’t make it tomorrow.”

Ocean City will see its third snowfall of the season on Friday night. But many eyewitnesses tell the news that they are concerned about what the storm might bring with it.

“I hope we don’t lose power, that’s my only concern,” Patty Haney said.

“We have food, we have torches. Just a few things you need when you have to stay in the house for a while,” said Debbie Reilly.

For the first time in years, drivers are seeing signs saying “Blizzard Warning” along the Garden State Parkway.

But employees at the Avalon Public Works Department are gearing up.

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“Manpower-wise for this storm, we’ll have a total of 20 workers working through the night and tomorrow,” said Avalon Public Works Department Chief William McCormick.

People are also preparing in North Wildwood. They’re stocking their favorite adult beverages at Bubba’s Liquor Warehouse.

Steve Grandi said, “There’s no better way to stay warm.”

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But a state of emergency is now in force in the Garden State, meaning non-essential workers are urged to stay home.

“Public work teams will converge at midnight and begin some tillage,” said Avalon Borough Administrator Scott Wahl. “We have our army’s surplus vehicles ready if we have to make a defense.”

Officials told eyewitnesses that the message repeated on Friday reminded people to stay home so that roads can be cleared safely when snow comes.

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CBS3’s Matt Petrillo and Carey Corrado contributed to this report.

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