I just got a promotion and am excited about my new position, but I am also a little nervous. Is there anything I can do to ensure success in my new role? Elaine Verelas Guide

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Promotions are an exciting time, but they can also bring some extra stress in the beginning. Elaine Varelas guides you on the best ways to succeed in your new role

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Why: I have recently been promoted, but am feeling a little overwhelmed in my new position. I don’t know all the processes yet and some things I’m learning right away. Is there anything I must do to be successful in my new position?

a: Starting a new position is always a little scary at first. There are new processes to learn, new responsibilities to handle, and new people to whom you will report. However, your promotion already tells a lot about your abilities and skills. No one gets started knowing everything about a job and it is important to organize yourself and your responsibilities. Understanding what is being asked of you is important to ensure success in your new job.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Pretending that you know everything when you’re not only going to put yourself under unnecessary stress. If you are unsure about something, contact your supervisor and co-workers for clarification. However, it is also important for you to learn some things on your own. Explore new aspects of your situation. If you are now expected to use a program you haven’t experienced before, take some time to learn the system. Many programs have online learning tools to help introduce you to the platform. Accessing these free services is an advantage for you and will only make you a stronger part of the organization.

Additionally, see if your organization will provide some additional training for you if you’re feeling really stuck. If that’s not available, sometimes the best way to learn is to dive into things as they come. If your company has documented procedures (standard operating procedures or SOPs), see if you can get access to those files so you can read how certain things are done. Any internal communication or notes will only help you in your new position. You should also keep your notes as you go through the training process and become aware of the responsibilities of your new role. Whether you write them down physically or type your notes, keep them organized so you can easily access them when you find yourself stuck. Having this information is important when you’re learning a lot of new things at once because it’s all too easy to forget an important piece when you’re first learning.

Most importantly though, don’t panic. Mistakes will happen, especially when you are completely new to a position. Accepting these mistakes and learning from them is essential to your growth. When a mistake occurs, be sure to notify your supervisor and talk to them about how you can fix the problem or provide a solution. This shows that you are engaged, responsible and willing to learn from your mistakes. If the same problems appear even months later, then it may be time to understand why you are still facing these issues. As you continue the journey you should learn and become better able to handle your new responsibilities as they become more familiar to you.

Finally, remember that there’s a reason you got a promotion. How you manage yourself, your work, and your coworkers has shown someone in the leadership that you are ready to take on this new role. Keep a calm mind, stay organized, and you’ll be comfortable with everything this new opportunity has to offer.