‘If This Is The Place Why Are There Still Beggars on Our Streets’ – Readers Respond to Still Time Story to Give Thoughts on Public Space Protection Orders in Bolton

Yesterday we reported that residents still have time to voice their opinion on whether the Public Places Protection Order bolt on Expansion of town center.

The order, which was introduced in 2019, is designed to ensure that people can enjoy public spaces in the city center without worrying about anti-social behaviour.

PSPO was originally supported by Bolton businesses, community groups, and members of the public.

Activities prohibited under the PSPO include street drinking, begging, unlicensed leaflets and cycling in pedestrianized areas.

About 88 fixed penalty notices have been issued to those who repeatedly flout the rules.

Here are some of our readers’ reactions to online news

Chloe Saunders said: “It’s weird because every day beggars at traffic lights scare people away. The second we start to enter Bolton town center, the doors lock and the windows roll.”

Lee Smith said: “If this were the case why are there still beggars on the streets. Kids riding bikes at the bus station and anywhere. Fixed penalty notices are going to do nothing but jail sentences. Most beggars They have homes, they are not homeless. If this is to be increased, more needs to be done.”

Hayley Marie Fielding said: “It was introduced in 2019, yet I currently see loads of beggars in the town centre, even though on paper it is claimed the load was fined. Think they had to go to work. There is a need to increase the quantity of patrol officers for

Ian Upton said: “The thing is, it doesn’t work in Bolton.”

Mike Guest said: “The idea is to deal with the symptoms rather than the causes.”

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