I’m a Celebrity: The Contestants Who Quit the Reality Series Before Voting

I’m a celebrity…get me out of here! 2021 is in full swing Richard Madley was forced to leave Gwyrich Castle within days of a medical episode.,

But it is not unusual for people to leave before the start of public voting as there have been many walk-outs and some evictions since the time the show Down Under was filmed.

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Let’s take a look at some of the celebs who left our screens early during the show’s 19 years (yes, 19!)

Spencer Mathews

In a deeply honest statement in 2015, Made In Chelsea alum Spencer admitted that he had to leave the woods due to steroid use, which he said he started using in bulk for a charity boxing match.

The Mirror told Spencer said in a statement at the time: “Taking these pills was a serious error of judgment, which I deeply regret.

“I have disappointed my family, friends and fans and I want to apologize. I want to thank ITV for the opportunity and their support, they are an excellent job.

“I loved every minute of being in the woods and wish the rest of the contestants the best. Looking forward to another shot at that someday.”

Jack Maynard

A YouTuber, Jack, was booted before the 2017 series ran hard.

In a statement, which referred to the stories of Jack’s racist and homophobic tweets, the show’s producers said: “Zack has been the subject of a succession of media stories over the past few days that have made me lose my status as a contestant. Granted. A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! – Filmed in the Australian wilderness, with no contact with the outside world, he has been unable to respond.

“Since it is appropriate that everyone should be aware of any allegations leveled against him and should also have the right to defend himself, it was agreed that it would be better to bring him out of the show.”

John Lydon

Lydon I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! in 2004

In true punk fashion, John Lydon broke out of the 2004 camp and moved into a luxury Gold Coast hotel, saying he was “bored” and “wanted chocolate” that was not voted on by the audience.


Brian Harvey

All was not well for the former 17-er as he too threw the towel back in 2004.

To be fair to Blok, he found out that his pimple had died early and that Janet Street-Porter had a pop on his fart. What are you going to do, mother?

Craig Charles

Craig Charles, one of 10 contestants, is confirmed to head to the Australian wilderness for the ITV show I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!

Craig was sure to be a great campmate, but following the sad news of his brother Dean’s death, Craig was returning home after a few days at camp in 2014.

Nigel Havers

Sauv Gent, Nise, left after objecting to the 2010 Bush Tucker Trial, in which celebs received electric shocks.

Havers was seen angry at Tally saying: I’m not up for this, I don’t do electric shocks so I’m leaving. I can’t waste another second of my life. I’d probably do something drastic like maybe go. If you are achieving something, that is a great thing. But if you’re not achieving anything…”

He also had a pop for being “sluggish” among his fellow campmates.

gemma collins

Gemma Collins in I'm a Celebrity

TOWIE LEG left the woods in 2014 after three days. Malaria complaints, food and lots of weeping in Bush Telegraph for three whole days.

But later, she called the police on her ex-boyfriend after claiming she was assaulted, she revealed in his presence.

She said at the time: “The forest was tougher than I expected, I’m not as strong as I thought. It was my decision to go inside regardless and I never expected to finish my time there.” Was.

“I’m like, so sorry I let people down, but I had to make the decision to walk away.”

I’m A Celebrity airs every night on ITV at 9 p.m.

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