‘I’m Real Life Wolverine. I eat raw brain’

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had CComplications with my digestive health, one of which is chronic constipation. This continued through my adulthood and would regularly affect my mood and cause a feeling of heaviness in my stomach. During my early twenties, I also had several fissure-related surgeries.

In 2018, things started to change. I was working twelve hours in the car business, the same year, I became a vegetarian in an effort to heal my gut, and a year later, in October 2019, I quit my job so that I could focus on my fitness .

I’ve always been into fitness and wanted to make it my priority- my goal while growing up was to be a bodybuilder, but it didn’t succeed because of my abdominal health and the many other injuries I’ve received.

Becoming a vegetarian made me feel worse – my joints and my gut also swelled. So, in 2020, I went to a doctor to get some X-rays done and after further evaluation, he advised me to look into a non-vegetarian diet in an effort to heal my gut and reduce inflammation.

That evening, I sat at my computer and did extensive research, as I had never heard of a strict non-vegetarian diet before. Surprisingly, I found a large community of doctors who recommended this specific diet, which is restrictive and includes only meat, fish and other animal foods such as eggs and some dairy products.

A photo of Veem Breach at the gym in April 2022, showing his progress since switching to a non-vegetarian diet.
weam breach

I realized that some of the research I had read suggesting that non-vegetarian diets are harmful to the human body was strictly anecdotal, but I took it as truth at the time. The reality is that each human body is different and unique.

After reading further studies about non-vegetarian diets, I found a theory that suggests that cooking meat too much reduces fat and water-soluble vitamins, as well as making it more difficult to digest. These studies suggested that the less the meat is cooked, the more vitamins and minerals we get from it! I was even advised by some professionals online to eat “nose-to-tail,” which involves eating an animal’s brain, eyes, liver, heart, and testicles along with other organs. It is suggested that organs contain all the nutrients we need to thrive – vitamin C, choline, DHA, and cholesterol are contained in animal brains alone!

After days of research, I switched to a non-vegetarian diet and started eating raw cow, lamb, and sheep, as well as their organs, and over time, I increased my raw meat consumption. Almost immediately, I started feeling better – my chronic constipation suddenly stopped and I felt lightheaded. I continued this diet and started noticing that my mood also improved, as I was mentally sharper. For the first time ever, I was able to successfully focus on my fitness career without any bloating.

My fitness goal is to weigh about 250 pounds of lean, which is why I eat about 5,000 calories a day. Naturally, I’m not the type of person who loves to eat – while some people may crave food, I Eat only to survive, not for pleasure, which makes it easier for me to meet my daily goal.

When I wake up, I drink a few cups of raw milk in the morning, along with a protein shake. I then eat the organs for lunch, consisting of frozen animal brains, along with ground beef, and repeat the same routine in the evening. Although I used to eat kidneys, now I eat brains because I enjoy the taste and the vitamins I get from eating this organ.

There were no side effects to this diet—I didn’t need to walk my body through it. Almost immediately, I adapted, and two years later, it’s still serving me well.

In February, 2022, I started making videos on TikTok to raise awareness about my non-vegetarian lifestyle and the amazing benefits. At the time, I was recording a video of myself eating raw steak at my friend’s gym. During the recording, he asked me if he could have a piece, and tasted it live on TikTok. After this video went viral, I continued to post and garnered almost 200,000 followers, my video got one million views per post.

Raw Non-Vegetarian Diet Of Veem Breech
A photo of the raw carnivore diet of Veem Breech taken on April 3, 2022.

However, some people felt that my videos were very controversial and objectionable. I will go live on tiktok eating raw meat and brains while chatting with people interested in this diet. But there were constant reports of my Tiktok live video.

Although some people called me “Wolverine” and “Chad,” which refers to the imitation of what a perfect man looked like, others called me an attention seeker, while insisting that I was grounded in toxic masculinity. I believe that I have a right to freely share my dietary choices, as well as the effects eating raw meat has had on my body.

The good thing about this controversy is that it gave me an opportunity to reach out to more people. I am now an online coach, booking in clients who are concerned with their abs and want to build a body like me. In 2023, I plan to participate in a bodybuilding competition while continuing to reach more clients.

Eating raw brains and following a strict, non-vegetarian diet has changed my life for the better.

weam breach Is a fitness coach and body builder. Their aim is to raise awareness about the benefits of an all non-vegetarian diet.

All views expressed in this article are those of the author.

As told to Karine Harb.

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