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In court-martial, Stewart Schiller wants Pentagon leaders to acknowledge Afghan failures.

A. Marine Corps A personal social media officer fighting senior Pentagon officials over the withdrawal of the Afghan war told a judge during his court-martial hearing Thursday that he only wants US military leaders to acknowledge their failures in Afghanistan. ۔

“Since this effort began, not a single ordinary officer has accepted accountability,” said Lt. Col. Stuart Schiller. A copy of which was obtained by the Washington Times. They. The remarks were made after a criminal application was filed in Camp Legion, NC, alleging misconduct by an officer.

“I am standing here pleading guilty. I am accepting accountability. But it hurts me that my senior leaders are incapable of being so brave,” the lieutenant colonel said. Scalar, Who hoped of that Admitting the crime could persuade senior Pentagon officials to acknowledge their role in ending the 20-year US military campaign in Afghanistan.

One rising star at a time. Marine Corps, Lieutenant Colonel Scalar There was a battalion commander in Camp Legion when a suicide bomber killed 13 American soldiers – mostly. of that Fellow Marines – and more than 160 Afghans at the Hamid Karzai International Airport in late August, during the turmoil surrounding the US evacuation.

In the days after the suicide bombing, Lt. Col. Scalar Posted a video of himself in uniform that quickly went viral on social media, where. They Criticized by senior US leaders for lack of accountability. More videos and social media statements followed as Lieutenant Colonel. Scalar Continued to post online, even after that. They Removed from of that Battalion command and ordered to go along. of that Complaints

In a video posted on August 29, They Said They Was resigning of that He urged the commission and others to “follow me and we will bring down the whole system.”

At the time, Pentagon officials said they were aware of the videos, and acknowledged that the days following the suicide bombing in Kabul were “clearly an emotional time for many Marines.” However, Marine Corps He emphasized that the angry social media posts by the commanding officer against the senior officers of the chain of command represented a clear violation of the protocol.

There is a forum in which Marine leaders can resolve their differences with the chain of command, but this is not social media. Marine Corps A Pentagon spokesman said in a statement.

Lieutenant colonel Scalar He was later placed in a brigade at Camp Legion for a week, with charges including failure to comply with an order. It.

The allegations have angered the public and many Republican lawmakers in Washington. U.S. Representative Louis Gohmert, a Texas Republican, traveled to Camp Legion to speak in support of the lieutenant colonel. Scalar At Thursday’s court-martial, Jacksonville’s Daily News reported that Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green spoke on behalf of the lieutenant colonel via teleconference.

“No one owns it. Gohmart said no one was held accountable for the situation in Afghanistan. The judge should keep that in mind.” Scalar “An honest man” when sentencing It.

Lt. Col. under the request agreement Scalar Agree to acknowledge of that Crime in return for punishment is no worse than a letter of reprimand. In court-martial, the judge signed the agreement. A letter of reprimand, or punishment, will come later from the Navy Department rather than the court.

It was not immediately clear on Thursday when this would happen.

Before announcing. of that Resigned in late August, Lieutenant Colonel Scalar He was only three years away from receiving a comfortable pension of 20 years. Arrived under application management, They He will now retire at the age of 17 without a pension. They A “general under honorary circumstances” may receive a discharge.

with. of that Parents in the courtroom on Thursday, Lt. Col. Scalar Said trial has taken a toll. of that The wife left It For this reason. This week has been a difficult one for me personally and professionally. They I said of that Prepared remarks

They. Also accused Marine Corps Including leaking classified documents. of that Medical Records – For “Task and Purpose”, a Washington, D.C. news website that covers the military.

“I was painted as a violent extremist (and) fascist, and the journalist contacted Hitler,” said the lieutenant colonel. Scalar Said, claiming that ” Marine Corps And ‘Task and Purpose’ were trying to tarnish my name.

Task and Purpose did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Times on Thursday evening.

Lt. Col. Schiller, meanwhile, acknowledged that his actions were public and “very emotional,” but said he believed what he did was in the best long-term interests. Marine Corps.

“I am responsible for my actions. Ordinary officers must be held accountable for their failures.

This article is partly based on wire service reports.

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