In pictures: Summerhill students honored with awards

The annual awards ceremony was held recently to celebrate the many achievements of the students at Summerhill College. The ceremony was broadcast live to all classes, parents/guardians and members of the Alumni Association. The ceremony began with a video message and a blessing prayer from the College Patron, Bishop Kevin Doran.

n his Principal’s address Mr. Keogh acknowledged the achievements of all the award winners and the contributions the school has made at the local, national and international levels. He named some of the awards in recognition of the support received for the college development plan from members of the Summerhill community declare. ,

He talked about the history of the college and how it has evolved over the years and is constantly changing and evolving. He thanked the staff for the time taken to support the development of the students.

Mr. Keogh welcomed guest speaker Dr. Colm-Sile Caulfield and his wife, Noel. Dr Caulfield is Professor of Environmental and Industrial Fluid Dynamics at the University of Cambridge. Mr. Keogh outlined some of his many achievements and announced that one of the new science laboratories in the proposed expansion would be named in his honor.

Dr. Caulfield talks lovingly about his school days at Summerhill and outlines his early career. In an engaging and very well received address his key message to the students was based on letters from the CIC with the title of the college (College of the Immaculate Conception). He sheds light on why these three letters remind students to be confident, independent and thoughtful. He emphasized the importance of teaching students to believe in themselves, do the right thing and be considerate in their dealings with other people.

After this the Deputy Principal of the college Mr. Ioan Moriarty introduced the winners.

Father John Leog Athos Award presented to Monsignor Michael (Ricky) Devine. last two awards; The Student of the Year Award and Sportsperson of the Year award were given to Michael Morgan and accepted on his behalf by his dad Martin.

The ceremony concluded with a video message from Michael and a presentation by Head Prefect Eamon Fehily to Dr. Caulfield.

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