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In September, China’s exports rose 28 percent. Over B 42B with US

Beijing (AP) – ChinaAccording to customs data reported on Wednesday, import and export growth slowed in September, among other obstacles, including shipping barriers and the spread of the corona virus.

Exports rose 28.1 percent to 5 305.7 billion, the report said. It was slightly faster than the 26% increase in August and better than economists had predicted. Imports rose 17.6 percent to 24 240 billion, down from 33 percent a month earlier.

This year’s trade figures are distorted compared to 2020, when governments cut global demand in the first half after closing factories and shops to fight epidemics. Chinese exporters reopened in March 2020 after the ruling Communist Party declared the virus under control, while its foreign rivals still stood in the way of anti-virus control.

ChinaForeign trade performance is leading the field in the world’s major economies, and. China Customs spokesman Lee Quinn said it had seen an increase in its international market share.

“Given the impact of the high base of foreign trade in 2020, the growth rate of imports and exports may fall in the fourth quarter of this year, but the overall upward trend ChinaLee’s foreign trade will remain unchanged and is expected to grow rapidly throughout the year.

Economists predict that global demand for Chinese goods will increase as anti-disease control eases and leisure, travel and other service industries reopen.

Julian Evans-Pritchard of Capital Economics said, “The biggest problem for exports is that there has been a massive stimulus in developed economies and a change in consumption patterns due to epidemics, both of which are possible. But it will open in the next quarter. ” In a comment

Imports are also likely to weaken as property construction slows and commodity prices retreat after an increase in the initial rush of manufacturing, as economies have eased restrictions on epidemics, he said.

ChinaThe global trade surplus rose to 68 68 billion in September from 52 52 billion in August. This was the highest level since 2015.

According to the report, the politically sensitive trade surplus with the United States increased to 42 42 billion in September from about 38 38 billion in August.

Three years after the start of the tariff war against former US President Donald Trump Beijing.His successor, Joe Biden’s administration, did not say whether it would agree with the Chinese demands to withdraw some of their punitive responsibilities.

Biden’s top business official, Catherine Tai, said last week that there were plans for “clear talks” with him. Beijing. Complaints about policies that foreign businesses say are unfair to their Chinese rivals.

It was Southeast Asia. ChinaThe largest export market in September reflected the expansion of trade relations as countries reduced tariffs and removed some barriers as part of regional trade agreements.

The data released on Wednesday showed a sharp increase in shipments of vehicles, mobile phones, consumer electronics and auto parts from January to September.

Overall growth in bilateral trade increased by 15% in July-September, down from 25% year-on-year in the previous quarter.


Customs of General Administration of China (In Chinese):

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