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In some areas, the record low temperatures led to scorching heat and fires.

After the cold autumn days, Southland is heading for a summer-like situation that will increase the risk of wildfires this weekend.

Warm weather is forecast in some areas just days after the day reached record highs. The temperature in Palmdale dropped to 35 degrees on Wednesday. Decreasing day record. It was established in 1956, the National Weather Service reported.

NWS data show that on October 13, other areas recorded record low temperatures, including Thermal (41 degrees) in Riverside County, and Ramona (33 degrees) in San Diego County, and Vista (43 degrees). ) And Campus (28 degrees).

But the weather is about to change.

Red flag warning. According to the weather service, Santa Ana will be in Los Angeles and Ventura counties from Friday morning due to a potentially dangerous combination of mild winds and hot, dry conditions.

Between Friday and Saturday evening – when the red flag warning is about to expire – forecasters have forecast moderate northeast winds of 30 to 45 mph in the area, including 55 mph. Isolated winds will blow for an hour. Strong winds are expected from Friday morning to noon.

At the same time, the humidity will sink into the young and single digits, while the temperature will reach the 80s and lower 90s.

The Meteorological Service warned that if a fire broke out during strong Santa Ana winds and low relative humidity, any flames would spread rapidly and cause extreme behavior.

Firefighters are already battling a windstorm that erupted earlier this week in the Santa Yunis Mountains west of Santa Barbara.

According to the federation, the Alisal fire has burned about 17,000 acres since the blaze on Monday afternoon. Inquiry website..

The wildfire, which is threatening dozens of homes, farms and other buildings, has issued evacuation orders and forced authorities to close 101 freeways between Highway 1 and Winchester Valley Road / Cathedral Oaks.

As of Thursday afternoon, the fire had been contained by only 5%.


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