The Milwaukee Journal SentinelWisconsin’s largest newspaper publicly sided with Senate candidate Mandela Barnes on Wednesday in an editorial which called Republican Ron Johnson “the worst Wisconsin senator in decades.”

An article signed by USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin said that “democracy is on the vote” on November 8, when the state will vote for both its new senator and governor.

In this photo, Ron Johnson (R-WI) is talking to a reporter during a campaign stop during the Moose Lodge Octoberfest celebrations on October 8, 2022 in Muskego, Wisconsin. The senator will face Democratic candidate Mandela Barnes in the mid-term election and has been criticized by the state’s largest newspaper.
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In the Senate race, incumbent Johnson will face Barnes, while Republican businessman Tim Michels will face current Democrat Tony Evers in the governorate race. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel he asked his constituents to elect Barnes and Evers in the coming half term over the Republican nominees.

“Usually, the USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin editorial does not recommend candidates in the election, but because of the stakes of these elections – and our deep concern about these candidates – we decided to do so,” the article reads.

Both candidates – Johnson and Michels – deny the election, repeatedly saying that the 2020 presidential election was somehow rigged or stolen from Donald Trump.

“Johnson has been toying with the facts for years,” writes the Milwaukee newspaper.

He is an anti-science conspiracy super spreader who claimed sunspots were causing global warming and warned that vaccines that saved millions of lives could worsen the COVID-19 pandemic. He advertised untested remedies for the virus and even suggested that mouthwash could kill him. “

The paper calls Johnson “incompetent”, having compiled a “frighteningly narrow list of achievements in 12 years in office” and criticizes him for recently suggesting rewriting Medicare and Social Security rules and once arguing that climate change was “b **** ***. “

The article also recalls the Senator’s actions after the Capitol riots on January 6, 2021, when in an interview with a conservative radio program, Johnson said the att*ckers were “people who love this country who truly respect law enforcement, never do anything to break the law. “.

In an opinion from the same editorial board USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin, the newspaper takes an even harsher approach to the incumbent senator, giving eight reasons not to vote for Johnson.

These include: a willingness to change Medicare and Social Security; his participation in Trump’s “false voter”; his refusal to deny that the 2020 elections were not stolen; his downplay of the att*cks on the Capitol on January 6, 2021; sided with ultra-wealthy donors by giving them tax cuts; his lack of interest in creating jobs for the Wisconsinites; his involvement in spreading COVID-19 related disinformation; and its climate denials.

Newsweek contacted Johnson for comment.

Climate activists Ron Johnson
In response to Senator Johnson’s denial of climate change, activists from MoveOn and the Next Gen PAC gathered outside Johnson’s Milwaukee office to unveil a life-size statue of Johnson made of manure-based manure. The largest newspaper in Wisconsin urged readers not to vote for the Republican.
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By comparison, Johnson’s opponent Barnes wrote, “he is young, 35 years old, but served two terms as state representative and one as deputy governor.”

The paper called the Democrat candidate someone who “knows what it’s like to work hard” because he comes from the middle class and who is “rebellious progressive but not radical.”

Just five days before the mid-term decisive vote, Johnson is favored to win the race by FiveThirtyEight, giving him a 79 out of 100 chance of staying in the Senate.

Recent polls show a 2 to 5 percentage point difference between the two candidates, with Emerson College giving Johnson a 51 percent majority against Barnes’s 46 percent, according to a poll conducted between October 27 and 29.

Wick’s latest poll, conducted between October 26-30, puts Johnson ahead of Barnes (50 percent versus 46 percent).

A recent poll by Milwaukee’s Marquette University Law School, which took place between October 24 and November 1, shows Johnson leads with 50 percent of the vote, while Barnes holds 48 percent of the vote.

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