Increasing ‘unbearable pressure’ on businessmen

The Sligo Chamber says it is concerned that the latest actions to control COVID-19 are no more than ‘half measures’ and are unlikely to have the effect the government and society expect.

The Hay Chamber says there are serious fears across the country that more ‘circuit-break’ measures will be needed in a few weeks and there is a lack of confidence in the business community about the government’s pandemic plan.

While everyone shares the concern that the current rise in COVID cases is putting a strain on an already challenging healthcare system, Sligo Chambers says that businesses across sectors are under unbearable pressure.

Ministers need to be reminded that it is impossible for businesses to operate in an environment where government recommendations, and public health advice are being reversed on a week-to-week basis.

Sligo Chamber CEO Aidan Doyle said: “Sligo Chamber is calling on the government to take decisive action to reduce the need for another round of lockdown.

“In particular, the vaccine booster program needs to be accelerated.

“The Finance Bill also needs to be amended to ensure that ministers will have the necessary flexibility to ensure that state support is not withdrawn while the lockdown and other economic restrictions are being reimposed simultaneously. Huh.

“We also want to clarify what the contingency plans are. In particular, businesses need to know what further measures are likely to be taken if current conditions continue to decline at the current rate, and also what measures are likely to be taken if the crisis intensifies. ,

“With the growing potential for further measures, the government needs to recognize that businesses that have restricted their activities will need immediate support, including wage subsidies, relaxation of commercial rates, and Includes resume grants where their operations have been completely curtailed. ,

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