Inside a Memphis Home is the First Class Delta Airline Experience

People alike are intrigued and confused by a simple family home in Tennessee that has a first-class Delta airport lounge inside.

Questions over the decor in a six-bedroom home on Hickory Forest Drive in Memphis have escalated after snaps of unusual furniture were shared online.

After Zillow Gone Wild posted interior shots of the $589,000 home on its social media pages, people got to see several jokes about lodging and air travel.

House-hunters are greeted by the airline’s two first class seats, positioned in front of a Delta rug, which is surrounded by two food trolleys.

Giant signs inform passengers, or residents, they are in a Sky Priority Zone, while listing the various airline memberships on offer. Whereas other signs simply announce “Welcome to Memphis.”

Inside 2328 Hickory Forest Drive. The home in Memphis has six bedrooms and three bathrooms.
bob pierce

The home is listed by Brian Lurie of Cry-Like Realtors, who told newsweek: “Homeowners just want everyone to have a first class experience in their home!

“It was quite unique, and my initial thought when I got home was to take it outside and stage the room.

“After thinking about it, I decided I was cool with it and hoped it would bring some character and dialogue, which it definitely is!”

He said he also found an overhead bin from a plane in a closet.

Delta’s first class is referred to as its Sky Priority Service, claiming that the seats are larger than economy, with the airline stating: “8 inches of extra legroom compared to the main cabin seat and up to 5.4-inches of recline Stretch out.”

Inside 2328 Hickory Forest Drive.
Inside 2328 Hickory Forest Drive. The home has a very unusual feature, the first class airport lounge from Delta.
bob pierce

However, looking at Delta’s website, it is thought that the residential house seats could be an older model.

Listing viewable HerePointing to the unusual set-up while boasting about other features of the house: “No! You’re awake. You’re not dreaming. No need to pinch yourself! That’s all! All the way to first grade!”

Zillow Gone Wild shared the post on its Twitter page on Wednesday, captioning: “If your house doesn’t have a vintage first class seating section, don’t invite me over.”

But it was his Instagram post, also shared on Wednesday, that garnered more than 30,000 likes, as Homeownermemes quipped: “Can I buy this house using SkyMiles?”

Maureen_Finney said: “There are a lot of questions about how this feature came to be.”

Tamzanmiller joked: “That’s how Delta flight attendants work from home!”

Thabrown commented: “You are now free to move around in your living room.”

Howardaboutthat thought: “Perfect for a work from home work trip.”

GregdonfordPhotography Everyone commented: “At least they aren’t coach seats.”

Inside 2328 Hickory Forest Drive.
Inside 2328 Hickory Forest Drive. The house is currently on the market for $589,000.
bob pierce

While Nickelbecker44 said: “Stagnation to a new level.”

Built in 1977, this home has three bathrooms, a fireplace, and a garage set in 3,800 square feet.

The listing continues: “Three bedrooms downstairs. Three bedrooms and play rooms upstairs! So much room and closet space! You’ll be really amazed! Super nice looking hardwood, amazing kitchen and living space.”

“Just sit back and relax in this incredible backyard setting with this beautiful pool! Close to all kinds of dining, shopping, and entertainment.”

According to Zillow, the median price for a home in Memphis is $142,725, up 22 percent from the previous year. In 2021 it was $116,000, while in 2020 the average price was $101,000.

newsweek Delta reached out for comment.

Inside 2328 Hickory Forest Drive.
Inside 2328 Hickory Forest Drive. The house has garnered a lot of attention since it was shared online.
bob pierce

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