Internet back man evicted family after missing $4k engagement ring

A man has been labeled “heartless” by his own brother after he and his family were evicted from his apartment over his engagement ring.

But while the decision left his brother distraught, many on social media felt the man had little choice, and said the missing ring had set him back $4,000.

According to the person, writing as MissingRing_ in a post that was upvoted more than 12,000 times on Reddit, her brother lost his job after he and his family moved in and realized that “they were paying for all their bills, including rent.” Were not going to make it with.”

Stock image of family facing eviction. A man has taken the difficult decision of evicting his brother and his family after a valuable jewelery goes missing.
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Before they moved in, the man had his own objections, especially regarding his nephew, who is 9 years old and, as he says, “has a habit of stealing things.”

“He got into trouble several times at the stores because he would carry something in his pocket,” he explained. “Even at school my brother told me that he had to come to talk to the principal on a couple of occasions.”

While theft is not uncommon in children and teens, it can point to other underlying issues in incidents involving children over the age of 5.

The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry explains, “Parents should consider whether the child has plagiarized out of need of more attention.” “The child may be expressing anger or trying to ‘equate’ it with its parent; the object of the theft may be a substitute for love or affection.”

He added: “Parents should strive to give the child more recognition as an important member of the family.”

In this case, it didn’t take long for his nephew’s stealing habit to emerge in an incident that had dire consequences for everyone involved. “A month ago I finally bought an engagement ring for my girlfriend that I was planning to propose soon, but now I don’t know,” the man explained.

To keep the $4,000 ring safe, the man hid the ring in a space under a drawer in his bedroom. However, he was concerned about coming home one day and “spying” his nephew around his private space.

He told his brother to do more to “control your child” and install a camera to better monitor his belongings. A week passed after the man learned that, to his horror, the ring was missing and, to his surprise, his nephew was filmed seeing his private things.

According to the Post, his brother and his wife “shouted” at their son over the theft but despite their best efforts, they still haven’t been able to find the ring and the nephew can’t remember where he left it.

Enraged by his nephew’s actions and his parents’ failure to do more to stop him, the man issued an ultimatum to his brother. “I told him to either get the ring or to pay me the $4k I spent on it, if not, they can’t stay here anymore,” he said.

The warning disturbed his brother but the man stood firm. “It’s a tough place, but I can’t ignore the fact that his child, who he can’t parent, took something extremely important to me, which cost a lot of time and money,” he explained.

The family has since moved to a motel, but the brother is still begging to come back, to eat whatever is left with the cost of housing. He has accused his brother of being “heartless” at a “tough time” and insists that his nephew “keeps saying he is sorry.”

But while the man admitted that he felt a little conflicted by his actions, for many on Reddit he was right to react in his own way.

Exfamilia felt that “it was appropriate to kick them out,” he said, “it seems they never gave the child the real consequences of his stealing. Well now the consequences are on them.” NaClslug was equally critical of the parents, claiming that “they can’t be bothered to seek help from a child who desperately needs it” and that they were “failing” their son. .

KSNitter went a step further, urging the man to take his brother to small claims court in a theft case. “Make it clear that you think his parents encourage the behavior by not effectively punishing him and making the excuse that he is a child and ‘forgets.’ That you care and there should be real world consequences,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, Crystallz2000 suggested he “file a police report”, explaining: “It’s not like they’re going to arrest the kid, but then you’ll have it on record. I’ll tell them that if you pay, you Will just drop the fee. You can find the ring or the ring.”

Some even suggested that the nephew was being set up to fall by his cash-strapped parents. VonSchtupp wrote: “They sold the ring,” agreeing to Sweet-Advertising798, adding: “They sold it. Start checking all the local pawn shops.”

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