Internet pulls gambling man out of fiance’s wedding dress fund

The internet was quick to rally behind a would-be bride after she elaborated on her fiancée’s costly financial decisions in a viral post on Monday.

Posted in Reddit’s popular r/AmITheA**hole subreddit with the headline “AITA to be upset that my fiancé spent all the money for my wedding dress and our future home?” Post It has garnered over 11,600 votes and nearly 3,000 comments in just nine hours. Written by Redditor u/sinkle123, the Reddit post included an explanation of her fiancée’s massive mistake and later his inattentive behavior.

Explaining that she and her fiancé are getting married in two months, u/sinkle123 said that her family recently gave her a large sum of money to help with the cost of the wedding and the wedding dress. For her fiancé’s bachelor party, he and 10 of his friends went to Las Vegas and the couple agreed on a gambling budget of $1,000.

According to u/sinkle123, that budget was blown overboard.

“The day after the party I got a call from the bank, and found out that my fiancé spent the entire gift from my parents on gambling and lost it all,” she wrote. “It was disappointing because he has struggled with gambling addiction in the past, but is doing really well for the past few years.”

The Redditor said that her fiancé justified her behavior by saying that gambling would always be a temptation for her, but she was adamant about who to blame for losing a substantial amount of money.

“I honestly have no idea what to do right now,” she wrote. “He thinks I should just get a cheap wedding dress, but I don’t think I should because it’s his fault, not mine.”

According to National Center for Responsible GamingIn the United States, approximately one percent of the adult population has a serious gambling problem. And with the increasing prevalence and legalization of online gambling, data shows that between six and nine percent of youth and young adults experience gambling-related problems.

One Redditor said that her fiancé took money for her wedding dress and gambled it on at their Vegas bachelorette party.
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Although some games, such as online poker or slot machines, have been described as “riskier” than others, the National Center for Responsible Gaming reports that people can get caught up in all forms of gambling, from sports betting to casino games.

While u/sinkle123’s fiancé didn’t specify which games led him to gamble the couple’s big gift, the Redditor did specify that she no longer has any hope of buying the wedding dress of her choice. .

“I don’t know how we’re going to pay for the wedding dress, very little I have to contribute to the house,” she wrote.

According to brides.comThe national average cost of a wedding dress is $1,631, including change. However, wedding dresses typically range from $500 to $4,000 with varying costs depending on a number of factors, including the designer, fabric, embellishments and accessories. also offers some tips for saving money for future brides, but unfortunately for u/sinkle123, Bridal Magazine offers very little advice when it comes to buying a wedding dress when your fiancée goes for it. Puts all the money set aside at stake. ,

In the top comment to the viral Reddit post, which garnered more than 35,000 votes, Redditor u/amijustinsane advised u/sinkle123 to stop thinking about how to pay for your wedding dress, and start thinking. given whether she should marry her fiancé.

,[Not the a**hole], But you need to put brakes on the marriage,” he wrote. “The fact that he blames you and says you must understand that all this will be a struggle for him?? Unacceptable… and before you even face being a s**hole to use the wedding budget to do something for her.”

“Don’t marry this man,” he said.

Redditor u/indigbogwitch offered similar advice, and questioned the original poster’s fiancé for agreeing to a bachelorette party in Las Vegas when she knew she had a gambling problem.

“You should leave him,” he remarked. “Why did a gambling addict throw his bachelorette party in Vegas? Major red flag right there.”

Although many Redditors focused on the Las Vegas bachelor party, one commenter noted that, should you reconsider your upcoming wedding, it’s better that this gambling loss happened before the big day, not after.

,[Not the a**hole],” wrote Redditor u/TheDreadPirateJeff. “At least now you’re figuring it out before it destroys your credit, costs you bankruptcy, steals more than you, ends up in jail, Or worse.”