Internet sides with boyfriend in couple’s household expenses debate: ‘Mooching’

Internet commenters were quick to call out an unemployed Reddit user who complained about her savings account being used to contribute to monthly household expenses.

Posting on Reddit’s popular r/AmITheA**hole forum, Redditor u/throwawayaccount3172 (otherwise referred to as the original poster, or OP) stated that he had recently quit his job and was paying bills without a steady income. They had expressed their reluctance to pay, despite their lover’s insistence they do so.

title, “[Am I the a**hole] To tell my boyfriend that he hasn’t had to struggle a day in his life, and doesn’t want to back out of our agreement?” Post Over 4,200 upvotes and 1,900 comments were received in the first 11 hours.

“I recently moved into my boyfriend ‘Sam” apartment,” the OP began. “He comes from an upper-class family and is very nice.”

“I’m from a middle class background and nowhere near as close to him,” the OP said.

In explaining that he quit his job “due to some issues in the workplace”, the OP stated that he is not currently looking for work, and does not plan until the end of the year.

The Redditor also said that, despite having enough money saved to not work for a while, they don’t want to allocate their savings to household expenses, which is very disappointing for her boyfriend.

“Sam asked me a few days ago to start contributing 50-50 on bills and other household items,” the OP wrote. “It is currently distributed based on our income.”

“I told her no, because I don’t even really have an income right now, but she said it’s ‘my problem’ and I need to take it out of my savings,” the OP continued. “I said we had agreed in advance to split everything based on income, but they said I don’t have a job ‘that’s something they have to deal with.'”

“I said I worked too hard for my savings and he can’t tell what I do with it, and I need some left over for my things,” said the OP. “Sam got very annoyed and said I was ‘selfish’ and ‘being separated from him,’ but I said that’s not the case at all. [and] He won’t understand because he hasn’t had to struggle even a day in his life.”

For most couples, being together is exciting and a step towards building a life together.

But like many other co-living arrangements, disagreements over money can quickly dampen that enthusiasm.

To avoid conflicts over rent, utility bills or any other shared expense, the real estate website apartment search recommends that couples implement a strict, cost-splitting system, establishing each partner’s monthly responsibilities.

Whether that system is a traditional 50-50 split, rent split with equally divided utilities or a percentage split based on income, the most important factor when it comes to couples living together is accountability.

For couples to have successful cohabitation, each partner must put an end to the bargain—even when it doesn’t seem necessary.

Members of Reddit’s r/AmITheA**hole forum immediately called out a Redditor for not dragging their weight about shared household expenses. Above, a representation of a couple disagreeing over expenses.
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Through several allusions to her boyfriend’s wealth and a high-paying job, the OP makes it clear that he can keep the couple afloat for some time, supposedly using his savings to cover half of their expenses. was refusing to do.

Redditors reacting to the viral post scoffed at the notion.

During the post’s comments section, Redditors slammed the OP for explaining that because he quit his job, he was financially exempt from contributing, and broke down his boyfriend’s assessment of the situation.

,[You’re the a**hole],” Redditor u/Temporary_Badger wrote in the top comment of the post, which has received over 9,000 upvotes. “You agreed that you would contribute based on income, then quit your job because you thought it meant You have to contribute zero.”

“You are a complete idiot taking advantage of him and he is right to tell you that he will not live with it,” he said. “They’ve realized that you don’t intend to contribute proportionately so much as to use their money as an excuse for not doing anything.”

Redditor u/FireWaterGold, whose comment has received over 5,000 upvotes, echoed that sentiment.

“The sharing of rent based on proportionate income is what you agreed to … but before you decide to quit your job,” he wrote. “If it was making it financially difficult for you… you shouldn’t have quit before getting another job.”

“You have to pay exactly what you paid before you left the job,” he said. “Their employment status has nothing to do with it. The amount of money they have is irrelevant… you are taking advantage of them.”

“Looks like you’re trying to find a loophole in your protocol,” Redditor u/tlf55 shouted, receiving over 1,000 upvotes. “You should have had some discussion before leaving this about how this would affect the household… Instead, you should just ‘pay him for it because he’s earning all the income.'”

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