Internet split on babysitter who slept at work: ‘No big deal’

Mom split opinion online for the first time after admitting she was bothered by her babysitter for falling asleep at work.

Posting on Tiktok on 12th June, Danielle Mitchell asked: “Am I overreacting?” The post garnered over 1.2 million views and thousands of comments from viewers who couldn’t agree whether Sitter’s snooze was “normal” or “unprofessional.”

In her post, Michelle explained that she and her husband had hired sitters so they could have “date night,” which ended at 9:30 p.m.

“My husband and I usually don’t go out on date nights until he [her son] Totally asleep,” Michelle explained. That night, however, their son was a little fussy, so they went without putting him to bed. Thankfully, the sitter managed to put him to sleep shortly after they left. Stayed.

Opinion split online after the first-time mom admitted to being upset with her babysitter for falling asleep at work.

“He told me he was really easy, just [rocked him for] 15 minutes and then he was asleep and sleeping the rest of the night,” Mitchell continued.

However, around 9 p.m., Michelle checked her home’s security cameras to see how things were going and saw that the babysitter was also asleep.

“She told me she was going to listen to a book, so I was like, OK, maybe she’s just laying on the couch and listening to her book,” Mitchell said, giving her sitter the benefit of the doubt.

To determine whether the sitter was sleeping, Michelle texted her and asked that she let her dog in. She and her husband looked at the cameras to see if the sitter would move, but she did not wake up, confirming that she had indeed fallen asleep.

“Internally, I’m starting to freak out,” Michelle confessed.

Mitchell then tried to rationalize the situation, saying: “I had left a sound monitor on, so I was thinking he left the sound monitor out loud…

“But no,” she continued. “The sound monitor was not on.”

She concluded her video by admitting that she doesn’t know what to think and asked viewers if they thought it was “normal” for a babysitter to fall asleep.

Kidsit. writing forFounder and father Matthew Taylor, a website dedicated to providing babysitting advice for parents and caregivers, said there are no hard and fast babysitting rules about when babies fall asleep.

“Some parents may be fine with you resting while the kids take an afternoon nap. Other parents may expect you to stay awake the entire time you’re working, and may even expect Are you going to do other tasks like cleaning or sanitizing while the kids are sleeping,” he said.

For those who are empowered to sleep when babies are asleep, Taylor said it’s a good idea to keep a baby monitor nearby. For those who are expected to stay awake, Taylor recommends taking a nap, drinking caffeine, or taking a walk beforehand to avoid falling asleep while remaining calm at home.

Many of Michelle’s commentators thought it was okay that the babysitter fell asleep, although they agreed that the monitor should have been on.

“If the baby is asleep, it’s normal for the babysitter to fall asleep. However, the monitor should have kept on and turned all the way up,” said Marisa Butcher Hammo.

Alice Myers offered, “You are the parent so you make the decision but it is very normal if the baby is already asleep.”

D&Josh said: “I’ll discuss expectations in the future but I think it was a common experience of a midwife who knew she put the baby to sleep in a safe place.”

Others, however, called the position “unprofessional”.

One user wrote, “I’m torn. On the one hand it’s not a big deal if you sleep while the baby is asleep. But who sleeps when they’re at work?? It’s unprofessional.”

“Mother of 4, and I was a nanny. I’d be so ashamed if I fell asleep. I apologize. You’re not overreacting,” said another.

Raven Brown said: “Watching someone’s baby is a job. If you had to be a security guard you wouldn’t blink because you didn’t see anyone.”

newsweek Danielle has reached out to Mitchell for comment.

In December, a Redditor said she quit her babysitting job on the spot after being scolded by one of the parents. In November, another Redditor admitted to shooting his babysitter after learning that the sitter called the kids “her kids.”

And in October, a midwife went viral for revealing that she called the police on the mother, who didn’t come home on time.

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