Iranian fans booed and jeered at their own national anthem while their football team refused to sing the words as the players prepared for the first match of the World Cup on Monday.

The spontaneous action seems to be an expression of solidarity with the widespread protests breaking out across the country.

The team was due to play England in a competition held in Qatar.

German journalist Natalie Amiri, who covered Iran for the Das Erste channel, divided video material on Twitter. The translation of her words was: “And no one from the Iranian national team just sang. A statement, silent but clear, in favor of revolution in the streets of Iran.”

On the other hand, the material filmed from the stands, shared by Guardian The newspaper’s chief sports reporter, Sean Ingle, also objected. “Loud whistling of Iranian fans to their own national anthem, many protesting against their regime” clip.

Newsweek he approached the Iranian authorities and football officials at FIFA for comment.

This is an evolving story.

Whistles and whistles were heard from Iranian fans as the team remained silent during the national anthem at the World Cup.