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Is “Dawn” a white savior movie? Dennis Valenzuela replied.

After a long wait, we’re finally going to see the adaptation of director Dennis Valenzuela’s Frank Herbert’s 1965 sci-fi classic “Dawn”. A lot of people have tried to adapt. “Mound“In many years but it never works enough. Is it the end time?
“Don” is about Paul Atrides, the son of a great family, who arrives with his family on the desert planet of Aracas and eventually becomes the leader of the local Freeman people. Many people like the novel, but there are critics. Some have criticized the story for being a white savior. In short, a white rescue story is a story that often unfolds in films where the lives of colorful characters are improved by the intervention of a white man. Movies like “The Help”, “The Blind Side” and “Green Book” are popular examples. Critics have designed to soften the long history of race relations and to make black people feel better about themselves in stories, mainly white people.

Dennis Valenzuela: “Don” is a “critique of the Savior’s idea.”

The “mound” fits the troop in some ways. Paul is literally a Christian figure beyond the stars, and Freeman is clearly influenced by the people of the Middle East. That said, Valenio thinks there is something important to highlight, as he did in a roundtable interview. Collider:

This is a very important question, and that’s why I thought “Dune” is relevant when I’m reading it. This is a criticism of it. It is not a celebration of a Savior. It is a critique of the idea of ​​a savior, someone who will come and tell another population how to be, what to believe. This is not condemnation but criticism. So that’s how I feel about it, and it can be seen as contemporary. And that’s what I’m going to say about it. To be honest, the opposite is true.

There is a point. Paul certainly becomes a kind of Messiah for the Frey Freeman people, but Frank Herbert was very skeptical of powerful leaders, and without making things worse, for Paul in the end, or for the movement he did. Impressed, nothing good happens. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to call the “Dawn” series a critique of the whole idea of ​​the Messiah and Savior.

You can decide for yourself when “Dawn” hits theaters and HBO Max on October 22.

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