Q: Would a Jae Crowder buyout work for all parties involved? – Nat.

A: Not as long as the Suns consider Jae Crowder an asset. It is not a question of getting something in return immediately. Phoenix can play a long game, let Jae stay away from the team, and then act when the team comes up with something tangible in return. Jae still has enough to offer to make a rival better, including Heat. The problem is, she seemingly wants an opening role and a minute role. The Heat can offer that. What they are not positioned on is matching the salary components. But yeah, after that lengthy explanation, if Jae Crowder were to buy out the Suns, Heat would be at the top of the list of interested parties, with mutual interest from Jae.

Q: So little importance is attached to continuity, but it’s the secret sauce of most championship teams. – David.

A: And there is something to be said from the Heat perspective. But the Heat is also not exactly in the spot of continuity given that they lost their starting power without clearly replacing PJ Tucker. Also, with 40 percent of the initial Heat line-up still uncertain (starting power forward, third wing), this isn’t exactly the case where we end up.

Q: Hello Ira. Do you think the starting line-up with Kyle Lowry, Tyler Herro, Jimmy Butler, Caleb Martin and Bame Adebayo offers the right mix of offensive and defense to compete for the top spot in the East? – Carlos, Park West.

A: Of these ingredients, yes. However, I’m not sure if it offers enough floor space and a 3-point shooting. That’s why I was able to see Max Strus stay in the opening mix. However, I’d say the quintet you offered has the best chance of a potential Heat Top Fives right now.


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