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‘Is this room’ is a real FBI inquiry, and is now a standout Broadway show.

Is this room? There is also a charming, highly recommended piece of theater, and an unexpectedly complex ballet. The 70-minute, well-deserved multi-award-winning play, which opens tonight at the Lyceum Theater on Broadway, is a replica of what was said. The FBI First came Augusta, Georgia, the home of a former Air Force linguist and intelligence contractor. The winner of reality. On June 3, 2017

The winner, then 25, was formally charged with leaking evidence of Russian interference in the 2016 election. Intercept.. In 2018, Winner. He was sentenced to five years and three months in federal prison for the crime. She is now, as the Daily Beast recently reported, spending the rest of her sentence at home with her mother, Billy Winner Davis, in Kingsville. Texas. She will be officially released on November 23.

What we see on stage is the first interrogation, just as it came out orally. The only things that Tina Starr did to conceive and guide. Is this room?, Concepts are the physical movements of the principals, and the setting of the local theater for their nervous confrontation. We don’t even see the actual number of agents who were the reality winner’s house that day – 11 instead of the three we see on stage.

If you don’t know anything about the reality winner, read on sooner or later. Don’t expect Is this room? They work. This is a very specific piece of dialogue, and while it describes the alleged crimes of the winner, it is not a document explaining it beforehand. The FBI Raid, or in fact or in fact happened.

The title of the play comes from what was said during the interrogation, but both question marks seem ugly to Sutter, and in this case, too, there is an obstacle to such a different kind of play.

In this small company of actors working in the impressive fluid combination, Emily Davis as the winner is constantly surrounded and put in the box by all three: Agent Gerek (Pete Simpson), Agent Taylor (Will Cobbs), And the almost spectacular color figure of the unknown man (Becca Blackwell) is a strange mixture of people attacking his house and the powerful.

Left to right: Pat Simpson, Emily Davis, and Will Cobbs “Is this the room?”

Chad Batka

Designed by Parker Lutz and illuminated by Thomas Dunn, the stage is bare, with raised platforms on either side of a flat mid-channel. Sometimes the actors disappear to one side, and we think of it as the other room of the winner’s house (one of the achievements of the production is that we feel this house at all, even though we can’t see it in front of us). ۔

Very cleverly made puppets depict her dog and cat, which is anonymous in the play and is actually the name of Mickey and Mina. They look awesome in the best way, not half real and half. The pet accuser is uncomfortable, and how to deal with his cat that will not come out from under the bed. When the action hits a reddened name or event, the lights go out, and the stage is plunged into momentary darkness.

The play was performed outside the Broadway at the Vineyard Theater before the epidemic, and has toured. Davis has played the winner, and is now friendly with his subject. Depending on the moment, Davis presents the winner as both frightened and terrified.

Both agents ask the winner what the charges are, and then talk about the dog breeds. The winner is concerned about the safety of her cat and dog, but also – not mentioned in the play – she was afraid that if she ran after a frightened and bolted animal, she might shoot herself. The winner, walking around in front of us attacking his house, makes this fear very clear.

Although a Broadway stage is much larger than the back room of the house, Davis plays the reality of being trapped, wherever he goes. It’s an amazing, intense performance.

This June, the agents and the winner talked in the back room of the house, and the winner, his mother recently told me, was literally surrounded by two big men, not knowing how things were going. Will The theatrical distraction of the collision gives the winner a little more space.

Men sometimes turn on it, clearly using it as an important aid in threatening their size. Groups sometimes move in formation. Time slows down in a literal slow motion in one order, and in another brief moment, it stands in front of them. But even though a Broadway stage is much larger than the back room of the house, Davis plays the reality of being trapped, with nowhere to go. It’s an amazing, intense performance.

What emerges, with interest and insolence, is an exercise in how strange human communication is. One would think that given its appeal to why they are there, agents would be concerned with the fact that reality did or did not. But there is a lot of gossip around the main event, very little things, nothing.

Agent Gerek has nasal problems, and every odor and cough released by him is present in the copy, as well as moving on stage with the winner and his partner ان in these COVID sensitive times, where the audience acts Wearing a mask on stage, showing evidence of vaccination at the door, this is a brave recipe choice!

Davis’ performances are building up confidence to shake off fear. However, she is feeling, there is always a terrible feeling, which is present in her sharp eyes and shrugged shoulders, that life is going to be inevitable. She sees a terrible, hidden circle in front of her, and we see her too.

Left to right: Becca Blackwell, Will Cobbs, Pete Simpson, and Emily Davis in “Is This a Room?”

Chad Batka

The winner’s mother told the Daily Beast that the drama was important because “people often overlook what happened that day – the fact that Miranda didn’t read her rights, and 11 agents in her house.” She was trapped in the back room of her house where she told him she was not comfortable, and where she was forced to confess to a crime. She was never free again after that day. Seen

Obstacles to the source material reinforce the drama. There is no proof, there is no brave and brilliant speech that takes the moral basis to one side or the other. Perhaps because we are accustomed to such theatrical and psychological gestures, the audience is watching. Is this room? Do this more carefully than usual. We just have to listen to the words.

Usually in the fiction we read and see we have traces of regret and deviation, self-discovery, and catharsis, but strictly literal Is this room? It all ends. There is no escape for reality, just the opposite. This is the process of closing the door. From the movie, TV and theater pieces we get to know – we sympathize with that person. This person’s bed There’s a bit of sadness here. Wow, what a seat set – it doesn’t exist. Is this room?. It’s a shocking moment, a theatrical piece of ice bath – sharp, provocative, and designed to take you out of balance, as was the reality winner in June 2017.

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