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Is Trump like Andrew Jackson? Yes – in all bad ways, and none of the good.

In a recent Editorial For the Washington Post, historian JM Opel compared Donald Trump to Andrew Jackson, whom Trump said was his favorite president. Because the historian Arthur Schlesinger’s “The Age of Jackson” is one of my favorite books, it caught my attention.

Opel began by mentioning the recent humiliating blow to Trump’s post-presidential career: the “audit” of the presidential election in Arizona’s largest county failed completely, confirming Biden’s victory in the state Is. It was another piece of news in an unbroken series that has undermined Trump’s efforts to spread the word. Deadly routine He has made it for himself. Fascist sect, Which claims that he (and by extension) was the real winner of the 2020 election.

Opel’s reference to Jackson gives rise to a strange memory. A few months after hiring financier Anthony Scaramucci – and almost immediately fired – as White House communications director, I interviewed him. About understanding Trump’s American history – which meant we talked about Andrew Jackson. I quote Jackson’s 1832 message vetoing the renewal of a charter for the National Bank of the United States, arguing that “there is no necessary evil in government. And, as the sky rains, the shower blesses the rich and the poor alike, high and low, it will be an unworthy blessing. ”

Scaramucci’s response was about whether or not Trump could live up to the idea that “responsible government protects minorities, whether they voted for them or voted for them.” Not given. ” I have thought a lot about it in later years. Donald Trump was in a position to win a legitimate victory in 2020, if he had tried to expand his base instead of appealing to his worst emotions. And Trump’s misuse of power after losing the 2020 election has added new weight to Scaramucci’s observations.

As far as we can tell, Trump did not change the choice of Jackson as President. Beautiful (The image above this article shows a picture of Old Hackory hanging near Trump in the Oval Office.) It has strengthened since the election. Trump’s big lie. It was insisted that he was the right winner, and Jackson himself lost the election by what he accused (with far more stability). “Corrupt deals.” In 1824, Jackson lost to John Quincy Adams (although Jackson probably won the popular vote, Which Trump never did.In the Electoral College, no candidate won a majority and the election was cast in the House of Representatives, where Speaker Henry Kelly played a key role in ensuring Adams’ victory. Adams later appointed Clay Secretary of State, which he then ran for president under the succession rules.

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By refusing to accept Biden’s victory in 2020, was Trump behaving like Jackson? Well, not so much.

“Honestly, there’s very little to compare.” Historian Matthew J. Cleon. Told the salon by email. “When Jackson lost the 1824 election, despite winning a majority of both popular and electoral college votes, he became angry. Some people would be right. But he did not challenge the election results. Jackson argued instead. That the Electoral College be abolished and replaced by a direct election by popular vote – a constitutional change that will change history, Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamin Harrison. And George W. BushAlong with Trump

Opel made the same point, writing: “Certainly, Jackson sat on the corrupt deal, especially since he hated Clay as much as he hated anyone else. It was no small thing. On the Black, Creek, and Seminole Warriors in 1818, Spanish Florida

To avenge what he considered a terrible mistake, Opel continued, Jackson formed a “high and proud” political alliance of slaves and sailors, peasants and laborers who believed that the people were independent. The government is corrupt, and the United States has long suffered at the hands of European empires and North American ‘savages’. “They eventually formed the Democratic Party – which still exists today It changed the course of racial justice during the 20th century. – And Jackson was legally elected in 1828.

Trump and his Republican allies may well believe that it is not possible for them to win a legitimate election – and they may be right. Barack Obama’s 2008 election. He suggested the possibility of an alliance of ethnic minorities and white liberals who could control the government, at least for the next generation. In the face of this, Trump has used big lies to revoke voting rights, making it more difficult for Democrats to vote – and even worse, to empower Republican state legislatures and local officials. You can cancel election results while creating.

Andrew Jackson, after his defeat in 1824, sought to strengthen democracy, as he had some personal and political views. Trump has done the exact opposite, effectively trying to destroy democracy or short circuit it. There is a good reason for this: Jackson had at least one reasonable claim that he had been deceived. Trump did not.

Clevin pointed out that Biden “won a majority of both popular and electoral college votes” in 2020. “Without any evidence of fraud., President Donald Trump claimed, and continued to claim, that he won the election. The notion that Biden has rigged the election is ridiculous, and it undermines the whole idea of ​​democracy and republicanism.

This support for American democracy illustrates the difference between Jackson and Trump in other important ways. Jackson worked hard to prevent the civil war from breaking up the union. After losing a fair election, Trump encouraged insurgency. Jackson was a great patriot (and skilled fighter) who risked his life for his country on many occasions. Trump is a draft dodger quoted. Soldiers who died in the war as “losers” and “suckers”.

“Jackson was a borderless orphan who, with great courage and determination, became a lawyer, an army general, a horticulturist, a politician and a president,” said Clavin. “Trump is the son of privilege.” He concluded with another strong note: “Trump’s attempts to overthrow the election by sending a mob to the Capitol will surely make him one of Jackson’s conservatives. Trump is fortunate that Jackson is here today. The seventh president did not tolerate traitors. Or treason. ”

No one should praise Jackson, a white supremacist who committed what could rightly be called genocide. Like Trump, he created a personality cult that trapped his supporters in angry mobs. Historians such as Schlesinger have made the case that Jackson’s popularity was authentic – as Clone wrote to Salon, Jackson was “a champion of the common man for his time” – but it never surpassed the white male population. Not increased Trump’s perceived populism is largely a matter of parroting that he absorbs from the right-wing media ecosystem.

Like Jackson, Trump has a huge influence on his followers, and theoretically he could have helped them behind the reasons that helped “the high and the low, the rich and the poor.” It is clear that he has no such vision, and he only wants to use his power to lose the election in a complete constitutional crisis. So the short answer here is that Trump, like Andrew Jackson, is toxic in many ways, but lacks any of his redemption properties.

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