PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – shock after the partial collapse of the building left almost 100 people homeless. The owners of Lindley Towers in Logan are now going to court on Thursday for a hearing.

The The City of Philadelphia is suing these owners – demanding repairs.

This hearing was the first time residents had heard information from a real estate firm since a building collapsed partially.

“It was traumatic, as it was traumatizing,” said Latoya Heard, a former resident of Lindley Towers. “It was terrifying not knowing what was going to happen in the future.”

In the courtroom on Thursday, 446 residents of the now abandoned Lindley Tower apartment building waited idly, hoping that this trial would bring immediate results.

“I feel we need answers today,” said Heard. “What’s next? What can you do for us? And I feel that staying in hostels should not be an option, especially for tenants who have paid the rent. “

Community Legal Services attorneys said the hearing was two-in-one. The City of Philadelphia v. Lindley Tower apartment management company SBG and tenants v. SBG.

Both are essentially asking SBG to take action after the building partially collapsed, forcing around 100 residents to evacuate.

“We’ve been rejected twice since I last saw you,” said Rose Abraham, another resident. “My children are seriously scared, they cannot sleep, they are not eating properly.”

To make matters worse, residents say they received the contract about 30 minutes before their temporary shelter expired on Tuesday.

He says SBG will provide the hotel for approximately 28 days in exchange for terminating the lease and releasing any liability.

“When they showed us the contract, I felt they just wanted to get rid of us and our responsibility, you know how to separate yourself from us,” Abraham said.

The city is demanding up to $ 1.5 million in damages, while residents like Abraham say they are not asking for much.

“Nobody’s trying to get rich, just help us move somewhere else so we can start our lives over.” Abraham said.

Only two of the 32 residents signed this agreement.

The building owner’s lawyers emphasized that it was a partial collapse of the building: they reportedly helped the residents to get out of the building and into the shelter.

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