The comparisons were this week on social media.

Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields has made 28 passes in two games this season.

Every other team in the league has a minimum of 28 completions and 52 attempts. New York Jets quarterback Joe Flacco has 103 passes. The wide-ranging Los Angeles Rams Cooper Kupp receiver has been targeted more times (29) than Fields has tried to score. And so on.

The meager numbers of Bears passes, 15 completed and 191 yards in total, dominated the Halas Hall talks ahead of Sunday’s Houston Texans game at Soldier Field, with coach Matt Eberflus who said the Bears need to strive for better balance in running and passing games.

Bears offensive coordinator Luke Getsy understands this: “I love to throw because I’m a quarterback, right?”

And surely Getsy knows Fields has to roll in order to thrive in his second season. But Getsy also believes in following a plan tailored to what defense presents them.

“I really believe in the weekly judging of the matches and saying,“ Okay, here we have the advantage. Here’s where our flaws are, ”said Getsy. “If it’s 50 lunges, 50 runs, I don’t care. It’s about winning. It’s about giving us the best chance of winning. “

During his weekly availability Thursday in Lake Forest, Getsy cited more player and coach ex*cutions as a run-pass balance issue. In fact, as Getsy pointed out, the numbers don’t really do justice to the first two games.

Fields attempted 17 passes in a rainy, messy one win the San Francisco 49ers in week 1. A w 27-10 losses to Green Bay Packers, The Bears only had 41 passes, of which Getsy said 19 or 20 passes. Fields made 11 passes, was released three times, and made several other passes, including his 3-yard touchdown.

The bears att*cked the Packers defense in a second-half running match, including 103 yards of running in which they missed a goal in the fourth quarter. Getsy said the Packers wouldn’t let Fields out of their pockets.

“Whatever defense is presenting us, we must be able to do it,” Getsy said. “And I believe we can do it. Each week, different personalities of the defensive coordinators present different things. I was around this for a long time last week (in Green Bay), they built this shell and won’t let you see behind them. We managed to overtake them and that’s where we have to take advantage of the few opportunities we had.

“We did not perform in such situations and we used these certain possibilities. When you play these types of defense, you don’t get many shots. Better hit him when you can and we didn’t. So we have to do better. “

Execution needs to improve, of course, so Bears has over 41 moves. After scoring in the first half, they scored three and were eliminated, and Getsy was open to where he and the players should be better.

In one of those unsuccessful shots during a key stint in the fourth quarter, it looked like Fields had knocked out winger Darnell Mooney – who this season has two 4-yard holds on five goals – by a few yards. But all sides agreed this week that Mooney was not where it should be.

“Mooney didn’t have much detail about the tour,” said Getsy. “The landmark where you are trying to hit this thing was far from where it was. Justin could help him by tipping him over to that point. So this part just wasn’t done at the highest level, it had to be right there. We learned from it. We’ve studied it a couple of times this week and made sure they’re all on the same page – not just Mooney, but anyone who might be in that position next time.

Getsy also pointed to the ex*cution – and training – of Fields’ unsuccessful run in fourth place from the 1-yard line. Getsy defended the roll-call with Fields lining up in a shotgun line and right-back Lucas Patrick on the pull.

Getsy said the coaching staff did their research and felt the game was the best opportunity to score based on the defense presented.

“We love this art. We didn’t do it right, ”said Getsy. “For some reason, we saw the ghosts a little ahead. They managed to get penetration where we should have had two liners on one to stop that penetration, which knocked Lucas off a bit instead of clearing the gap. And then there would only be Lucas with (De’Vondre Campbell) in the hole and Justin would still have to run through some contact.

“We knew what was coming. It was exactly what we wanted. We just didn’t do it well enough. We need to educate them a little better so that they do not make this mistake.

It was one of the many little things that went into the 17 point loss. Getsy said the bears this week need to approach the transitions and drills like in the game to make the details easier on actual game days.

Bears players try to be patient as they work towards a breakthrough. Mooney said his mantra was “don’t stress it too much.” Fields said that as things unfolded, he meant “unselfishness.”

“Knowing that if these are the games he thinks will win us the game, then I am for it,” said Fields. “As I said about Darnell on Sunday, if he had caught zero passes and won the game, he wouldn’t have had any problem.” If I had quit zero passes and we won the game, I wouldn’t have had any problems. Our goal as a team, as an offensive, is to win matches. Nobody is looking at how many passes I had, how many meters I had. We’re just all trying to win the game. “

Perhaps Sunday’s game will give Getsy the opportunity to run Fields. Texans Lovie Smith gave 433.5 yards per game but kept the Indianapolis Colts to 20 and the Denver Broncos to 16.

Getsy left Lambeau Field on Sunday, at least feeling good with Bears continuing to work despite the ugly offensive in the second quarter.

“I’ve been aloof, when you drop out three times that many times in a row, things get weird, right?” Getsy said. “These guys were tough. They stayed together. The question was, how can we get better in the next game? And how we are ready to act. We have the right people in this room. I’m excited about what awaits them. “


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