ITV I’m a Celebrity Fan Introduces Adam Woodyatt and Simon Gregson Similar to Ant and December

i am a celebrity The audience was left confused by the same thing ant and december Introducing Adam Woodyatt and Simon Gregson.

Fans cheer as mega soap stars join in on the hit ITV show and tonight (25 November) participated in their first challenge.

But they were confused by their real names because they said they would continue to call them eastenders And coronation road Star by the names of their characters.

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Jody wrote: “I wonder why they’re calling Ian Beale “Simon” #ImACeleb.”

Sophie added: “It doesn’t matter if their real names are Simon and Adam, I can’t help but keep referring to them as Steve and Ian! #ImACeleb.”

Carrie Lloyd said: “My mind can’t deal with Adam and Simon being together. I can only see Steve and Ian, and that ain’t right!! Love them both already though #ImACeleb”

Amy wrote: “Simon and Adam? I only know Ian Beale and Steve McDonald #ImACeleb.”

Jess Cunliffe Said: “It’s Not Simon & Adam… It’s Steve & Ian #ImACeleb”

Chris Shaw said: “No chance Adam and Simon are going to be called Adam and Simon, when people are talking about it, they will always be Ian Beale and Steve McDonald. #ImACeleb”

Autumn added: “Who’s Danny, Simon and Adam? It’s Aaron Dingle, Steve McDonald and Ian Beale and it feels weird to say they face #imaceleb with tears of joy.”

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