ITV I’m A Celebrity: Why Is It Called Camp Clink And What Are Other Names For Camp?

ITV I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here returned to our TV screens on Sunday and ten celebrities were surprised to learn that they were being split inside the palace.

Instead of sitting around a campfire, the five celebrities will head to a part of Gwyrich Castle in Wales called Main Camp, with the rest called Camp Clink.

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It follows the previous series of the programme, which came from the Australian outback from its production to 2019, where the producers also decided to place the stars in different regions.

But what exactly does Camp Clink mean and why was the name chosen for this year’s show? Here we know.

ITV I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here: What’s the Meaning and Other Names behind Camp Clink?

When this year’s series began, ten celebrities were shocked to learn they were being split, five at Main Camp and the other five at Camp Clink.

Camp Clink occupants have to sleep on the floor and keep their main camp counterparts happy and feel welcome by completing tasks and activities for them such as cleaning and making sure there is enough at their campfire. be wood.

The conditions, some might say, resemble what they really mean at Camp Clink. Clink is a slang term for a prison cell or prison.

Emmerdale star Danny Miller came close to describing the less-than-perfect conditions as prison when he said that Camp Clink Camp mates were now servants because they had lost work in the main camp.

The main camp includes former BBC Breakfast presenter Louise Minchin, BBC radio host Snooki Shai, Paralympian Kadina Cox, The Saturday star Frankie Bridges and Olympic athlete Matty Lee.

While Camp Clink features former Strictly Come Dancing judge Arlene Phillips, DJ and record producer Naughty Boy, Emmerdale actor Danny Miller, former footballer David Ginola and chat show host Richard Madley.

It is not known why the ITV owners chose the name Camp Clink when selecting them for the show, but previous names for the camps have included Croke Creek and Snake Rock.

However, the two camps will not be split for the duration of the programme. The upcoming episodes are set to see the split between Camp Clink and Main Camp.


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