ITV I’m A Celebrity’s Arlene Philips’s Daughters’ Voice Is a Concern for Her

The children of ITV I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here star Arlene Phillips have expressed their concern.

Alana, 42, and Abi, 30, talked about this ITV Lorraine today.

it comes as Arlene continues to compete At the palace, at Abergel, in Wales, becoming the oldest partner ever to enter the show.

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Lorraine Kelly welcomed the two to the studio for a chat about the ongoing series on Thursday, November 25.

Alana told Lorraine during the show, which aired today from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.: “He didn’t eat, it’s hard to get into the clink that looks awful. He’s been put in trouble.

Abi said: “It was great to see her happy last night, going to the main camp and seeing everyone hugging her.

“It was great to see.”

Lorraine asked: “She was worried about you. Because you are the only one, right?

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He replied: “Yes by and large, of the whole family. I’m just nervous about unnecessary things the whole time so I think he knows I’m going to see him upset.

“She’ll automatically think I’m going to be worried.”

Alana, who has a young daughter, Leela, said: “Leela loves it and she keeps telling everyone in the woods her grandmother and she is brave because she befriended a snake.”

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