ITV’s I’m A Celebrity Is Filled With Criticism As Fans Break Major Rule

i am a celebrity The makers have been criticized as fans of the show were convinced that they had broken a major rule.

Viewers were quick to comment as they said they had seen some celebrities wearing makeup on the hit ITV Display.

This gave rise to complaints that celebrities were having an easier time in the Australian wilderness at the palace than their predecessors.

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Despite Louise Minchin, Frankie Bridges, Kadina Cox and Snooki Shai being denied any luxury property during their stay at Gwyrich Castle in Wales, viewers claimed on social media that the women apparently put on some makeup while it was She also questioned why Snooki was allowed to wear big gold earrings.

the audience took Twitter to comment.

Tracy asked: “@antanddec can you tell why all the girls wear makeup? It was a luxury in the woods! #itv #ImACeleb.”

El_ho wrote: “Were everyone at trial wearing ‘celebrity’ makeup? Did both lords get a proper shower after the trial? #ImACeleb”

Mrs Smith said: “Celeb camp mates are cleaner and do more makeup than anyone in Blackpool #ImACeleb can do”

Emma asked: “When were celebs allowed to put on makeup throughout the show? #ImACeleb”

And Jade commented: “I spy kadina wearing some cheeky makeup #ImACeleb”

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