‘I’ve never felt more alone’: Jessie J in tears as she plays intimate gig in LA hours after abortion announcement

Jessie J played an emotional, intimate gig in Los Angeles on Wednesday night, just hours after announcing she had a miscarriage.

The singer was told by doctors on Tuesday after her third scan that she could no longer feel her heartbeat.

During her concert at The Hotel Cafe, Jessie J said that she “never felt more lonely”, telling the audience: “I decided to have a baby by myself and by a miracle it was for a while. Worked and yesterday was f***ing s***.”

She continued: “Last December I lost my hearing, I was diagnosed with Ménire’s. Then I lost my voice which was terrible. Then I lost my baby… This year has been the hardest for me ever It’s been a year.”

Ménire’s disease is a condition of the inner ear that causes a sudden feeling as if the room is moving around you (vertigo), a ringing noise inside the ear (tinnitus), pressure felt deep inside the ear and hearing loss. loss occurs.

There were some light moments of the speech. “I’m sorry I’m everywhere in my life and I’m not going to pretend I’m not, so the ‘price tag’ might sound a bit sadder than usual but I’ll do my f***ing the most.” Well,” she said, eliciting laughter and “We love you” slogans from the crowd.

Yesterday, real name Jessica Cornish, 33, shared a photo on Instagram taking a positive pregnancy test.

She wrote in the caption: “Yesterday morning I was laughing with a friend saying, ‘Seriously though how am I going to get through my gig in L.A. last night without telling the whole audience I’m pregnant. By yesterday afternoon, I was thinking about going through the gig without breaking down. ,

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Cornish has spoken out about her fertility struggles before. She revealed during a 2018 concert that doctors told her at 26 that she would never be able to have children.


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