Jack Dorsey apologized to Twitter’s former and current employees the day after its new owner, Elon Musk, laid off half of the company’s 7,500 employees.

“The people of Twitter’s past and present are strong and resilient,” Twitter founder wrote on Saturday morning. “They will always find a way, no matter how difficult the moment is. I realize that many are angry with me. I am responsible for why everyone finds themselves in this position: I have grown my business too quickly. I’m sorry for this.”

According to documents filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission by June 30, 2013, Twitter employed approximately 2,000 employees shortly before the publicity of the social media company. That number had nearly tripled by the time Musk took over the company on October 27, and then immediately began shedding management and personnel.

According to reports, the cuts affected some 3,700 jobs on the microblogging platform, including more than 900 in California.

“I am grateful and love everyone who has ever worked on Twitter,” Dorsey continued. “I don’t expect it to be reciprocal right now … or ever … and I understand.”

On Friday, November 4, 2022, the Twitter headquarters board appears in San Francisco.

Dorsey concluded his post with a blue heart, a nod to the Twitter logo, and emoticons used by many this week as a token of support for those who have been forced to leave the company en masse.

Musk tweeted late Friday that he had no choice but to cut jobs “when the company is losing more than $ 4 million a day.”

Dorsey, who continues to be an indirect shareholder of the site, stepped down as Twitter CEO last November but remained on the board until the end of May, just a month after the company announced it had agreed to sell Musk for $ 44 billion.

Baron Capital Group chairman and CEO Ron Baron, left, interviewed Elon Musk at the 29th annual Baron Investment Conference in New York on Friday, November 4.

The following weeks were full of drama. Tesla tycoon almost immediately tried to withdraw from the deal, arguing that the company had not provided an accurate breakdown of the bots and spam accounts on the platform. Musk tried to pull out completely in July, forcing Twitter to file a lawsuit to force him to continue.

The legal issue was resolved without further action when Musk acquired the company earlier this month.

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