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Jair Bolsonaro broke the rules of vaccination on the game of football

The president of Sؤo Paulo-Brazil on Sunday claimed that the Cowboys 19 protocol in football matches prevented him from participating in the game.

Jair Bolsenaro said he wanted to go to the Brazilian championship in Santos, but did not because he had not been vaccinated.

Why a vaccine passport? I just wanted to see Santos and he said I need to get vaccinated. Why should this be? Bolsenaro told reporters near Santos.

Bolsenaro is currently under a Senate investigation into the epidemic. Brazil has surpassed 600,000 confirmed COVID-19 deaths, according to the Ministry of Health.

Santos said Bolsonaro had not asked for the match, which saw Santos beat Gremo 1-0 at the Villa Belmero Stadium.

Authorities allowed clubs to fill 30 percent of the seats available at the Brazilian Championship Games this week.

The protocol agreed by the Brazilian Football Confederation states that everyone inside the stadium must be vaccinated and recently tested.

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