The Florida quarterback situation is behind Anthony Richardson gets better how the Gators starter comes out of a recent funk.

Billy Napier coach said Wednesday Redshirt fresh Jalen Kitna he ends his best practice week. Ex-son NFL quarterback Jon Kitna he is the # 2 quarterback, coming for Saturday’s Tennessee visit despite not dropping a college pass.

“Especially last Thursday he was extremely bright,” said Napier. “He had a good day of practice [Tuesday]. Jalen did a great job making good decisions, he was very thorough and he understands our system better every week.

“I was pleased with Jalen and the progress.”

The appearance of Kitna weighing 6ft-4.208lb coincides with the Jack Miller’s recovery after surgery in mid-August to a broken right thumb. Miller, who faced a recovery after 4-6 weeks, “has made significant progress,” said Napier.

A transfer from Ohio was in line to support Richardson until his injury. Miller’s status is overnight.

“Jack is still uncertain about his role on Saturday and is potentially moving forward,” said Napier. “He has soccer in his hands now. It’s just about his level of physical and mental comfort with the thumb and where it is. “

However, Richardson’s confidence level will be key to Florida’s chances of being 10.5 points below Tennessee.

A sophomore in a red T-shirt did not lean on good results in the first week against Utah, including a total of 274 yards and 3 race points. Against Kentucky and the USF, Richardson only completed 24 of 53 (45.3%) passes out of 255 yards, no touchdowns and 4 picks. He too he only ran 28 yards against 13 vectors.

If Richardson has problems in Tennessee, Napier will have to decide whether to plant him for Kitny, even if he only allows the Gators starter to recalibrate.

“When you think about it, Anthony is getting into his fourth game in this system and the way he works,” said Napier. “There is a certain amount of wisdom that comes from experience.”

Family ties

Napier was born in Cookeville, in central Tennessee, to the home of Tennessee Tech, his mother and father’s alma mater.

Napier grew up in Chatsworth, Georgia, less than an hour’s drive southeast of Chattanooga. Napier’s late father, Billy, grew up in Salina. Napier said his mother’s Pam’s parents owned a tobacco farm in Sparta.

“I have a whole family who are die-hard Tennessee fans,” he said. “I’m sure you know everything about the Vols.”

Napier joked that his family should be Florida fans this week.

“If not, they won’t be at the game, I can promise you that,” he joked.

However, Napier is not sure where the alliances will really be on Saturday.

“I don’t know if they would say it to my face,” he said. “But hopefully they’ll find some weakness for Saturday’s alligators – we’ll see.”

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