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Jamanji 3 is coming, it’s just a matter.

Jamanji's cast: The next level.۔

Cast Jamanji: The next level.
Image: Pictures of Colombia

With all plans. Dwayne Johnson iWorking, when does this man get to bed? He works in a lot of self-made material through his Seven Box Company. While he provides the resources, Seven Box President. Harem Garcia is the one who keeps the assembly line moving.

Garcia has his stamp on many of his projects, including. Jungle trip, Watchless شازم۔, Black Adam, and the Jamanji franchise. And talking to Jamanji, Hiram sat down with him. Tucker to talk. About his plans for the third film in his big production schedule.

“We’re very focused on presenting the best version of this story. When you’re lucky enough to bring a team back for the third time, you want to get it out of the park.” Let’s do something big for the audience as we continue our Jamanji story, so we’re drilling in depth and working closely with our authors, Director Jack. [Kasdan] And the production partner on this mat. [Tolmach]. ”

Jamanji: The next level. (2017) and Jamanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2019) was a huge hit with over ڈالر 1 billion in ticket sales for the two films. The films are based on the 1995 American fantasy adventure film directed by Joe Johnston and the 1981 children’s book Chris Van Aalsberg.

Modern Movies follows four high school kids who discover an old video game console and are drawn into the game’s jungle setting, literally becoming their chosen adult avatars. What they find out is that you don’t just play Jamanji – you have to avoid it. To beat the game and get back into the real world, they have to go through the most dangerous adventure of their lives, find out what Alan Parish left 20 years ago, and change the way they think about themselves. – Or they will get stuck. Forever in the game

Bring on the third film! Jumanji forever!

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