January 6 testimony inspires ‘cognitive dissonance’ for Trump fans

by David Klepper | The Associated Press

One by one, several former top advisers to Donald Trump told a special House committee investigating his role in the January 6 uprising that they did not believe his lies about the 2020 election, and the former president knew That he lost to Joe Biden. ,

But instead of convincing Trump’s most staunch supporters, the testimony of former Attorney General Bill Barr and Trump’s daughter Ivanka about the election and the attack on the US Capitol has prompted many of them to restate their views that The former president was right in his false claim. Of victory.

Bar testimony that Trump was repeatedly told there was no election fraud? According to a false claim that went viral this week, he was paid by a voting machine company. Ivanka Trump said she didn’t even believe in Trump? All this is part of Trump’s grand plan to confuse his enemies and save America.

The claims again demonstrate how deep Trump’s false narrative about the election has run.

“It’s cognitive dissonance,” said Syracuse University professor Jennifer Stromer-Galley, who has studied how Trump used social media and advertising to mobilize his base. “If you believe what Trump says, and now Bill Barr and Trump’s own daughter are saying these other things, it creates a rift, and people have to fill it.”

Lawmakers leading a hearing on the deadly attack on the US Capitol said one of their goals was to show how Trump repeatedly lied to his supporters in an attempt to seize power and destroy American democracy.

“President Trump intentionally invested millions of dollars of campaign funds to spread false information, run ads he knew were false, and trick millions of Americans into believing the election was corrupt and that he was the true president.” said Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Vio. , Vice Chairman of the Panel. “As you will see, this misinformation campaign incited violence on 6 January.”

For those admiring Trump’s unfounded claims, Barr’s testimony was particularly disturbing. In his interviews with investigators, he called many of Trump’s absurd allegations about election 2020 “fake” and “silly”.

Barr told the committee that when he spoke with Trump, “there was no sign of interest in what the actual facts were.”

“He’s detached from reality if he really believes in this stuff,” Barr said.

Following his testimony, several Trump supporters, using sites such as Reddit, GETTR and Telegram, blasted Barr as a turncoat, saying he disputed Trump’s election claims before.

But many others began to discern alternative explanations for this testimony.

“I’m still hoping that Barr plays a part,” said one poster on a Telegram channel popular with Trump supporters.

A widely spread post this week suggested that Barr was paid by Dominion Voting Systems, a company targeted by Trump and his supporters with baseless claims of vote rigging. “From 2009 to 2018, Dominion paid Barr $1.2 million in cash and provided him with another $1.1 million in stock awards, according to an SEC filing. (No wonder Barr found no voter fraud!),” Post read.

Wrong Dominion. Barr was paid for by Dominion Energy, a publicly traded company headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, that provides electricity and heat to customers in several Mid-Atlantic states.

Unlike Barr, Ivanka Trump has been extremely popular with many Trump supporters and is seen by many as a possible successor to her father. Perhaps that is why so many had to find an alternative explanation as to why he told Congress that he did not accept his father’s claims.

Jordan Sather, a leading proponent of the QAnon doctrine, claims that Barr and Ivanka Trump both lied during their testimony on Trump’s orders, part of an elaborate plan to defeat Trump’s enemies by confusing Congress and the American public. .

“I can imagine Donald Trump saying to Ivanka: ‘Hey, go to this hearing, say these things. Screw with his head,'” Regards said on his online show last week.

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